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Creating Risk Capital
A Royalty Fund Solution to the Ownership and Financing of Enterprise

Ian Whalley
This book proposes an innovative solution to creating risk capital for business enterprises that should suit both enterprises and investors alike. It shows how the dual functions of equity — risk capital and ownership capital — can be separated. ..more

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Web-Based Business
How to Open and Operate a Financially Successful Web-Based Business

Beth Williams
How to open and operate a financially successful Web-based business — proven strategies and real-life examples. ..more

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The Complete Guide to E-mail Marketing
How to Increase Your Sales and Profits through E-mail Marketing

Bruce C. Brown
Proven strategies and hundreds of tips for using the successful new method of e-mail marketing to increase your sales and profits. ..more

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The Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Marketing
Pay Per Click Advertising Secrets Revealed

Bruce C. Brown
How to increase sales and profits through the successful new methods of Internet marketing — search engine marketing and pay per click advertising. ..more

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Taking Your Business Global
Succeeding and Staying Ahead in the World Markets

A.V. Vedpuriswar
An actionable blueprint for companies wanting to go global. Here are answers to how companies globalize and the challenges they face in doing so. ..more

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The Manager's Question & Answer Book
190 Important Questions — with Practical Answers to Make You a Better Manager

Florence M. Stone
Practical, actionable answers to the recurring challenges every manager faces ..more

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From Start-Up to Multi-Million!
Successful Entrepreneurs Reveal How to Grow a Business through Good Times and Bad

CEO Speak Series
Packed in this uniquely innovative book is the expertise and experience of a band of highly successful entrepreneurs who piloted their companies from start-ups to multi-million dollar enterprises. ..more

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The Art of Entrepreneurship
Top Business Consultants Reveal the Secrets of Launching and Running a Successful Business

CEO Speak Series
Packed in this uniquely innovative book is the wealth of experience and expertise of top international experts on entrepreneurship.

Lessons you can apply and profit from. Real-world lessons you can’t get anywhere else. ..more

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Top CEOs on Business Success
Top CEOs Reveal the Secrets of Effective Management, Market Leadership and Profits

CEO Speak Series
Top CEOs reveal the secrets of effective management, market leadership and profits.
“Want to know what the real leaders are thinking about now? It’s in here.”Carl Ledbetter, SVP & CTO, Novell, Inc. ..more

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Business Innovation Lessons from Great Companies
A.V. Vedpuriswar
Highly readable and absorbing, this book shows how business model innovation allows a company to change the very rules of the game and control the key levers of an industry. It is an incisive blueprint for get-ahead companies, and executives, on the lookout for extraordinary growth opportunities. ..more

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Full Frontal PR
How to set people talking about you, your business, or your product

Richard Laermer with Michael Prichinello
Getting People Talking About you, Your Business or Your Product
“The best-written, most interesting, most up-to-date manual on the PR field” —Al Ries, Co-author, The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR. ..more

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