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The Art of Growing a Business
High-flying Achievers Reveal the Secrets of Generating Business Growth Momentum
CEO Speak Series The Art of Growing a Business : CEO Speak Series : Vision Books : Book (ISBN: 8170946557)
Pages: 168
Price: Rs. 190
Format: Paperback
ISBN13/10: 9788170946557 / 8170946557
Availability: Yes
Published in 2006
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High-flying Achievers Reveal the Secrets of Generating Business Growth Momentum

Packed in this uniquely innovative book is the wealth of experience and expertise of successful entrepreneurs of what have now become large companies. These savvy and growth-oriented business achievers reveal their secrets of what it takes to jump start any business and gain traction to grow it to higher and higher levels:

  • How to seize opportunities and build growth momentum

  • How to build long-term customer value How to maintain focus on your areas of business expertise

  • How to get a business off the ground

  • The advantages of being small

  • How to carve out a profitable niche

  • How to thrive as markets change

  • How to take on the big boys

  • The fundamental importance of a clear business vision

  • Successful techniques for growing your business.

From inside the minds of high-flying business achievers, here are invaluable strategic and practical lessons for every entrepreneur and business executive in search for growth. Lessons you can apply and profit from. Real-world lessons you can’t get anywhere else.


“An incredible resource of information to help you develop outside-the-box (thinking)”  —Rich Jernstedt, CEO, Golin/Harris International

“True insight from the doers in the industry, as opposed to the critics on the sideline”  —Steve Hanson, CEO, On Semiconductor

“Real advice from real experts that improves your performance immediately”  —Dan Woods, CTO, Capital Thinking

CEO Speak Series

"Real world advice from real experts"

This internationally acclaimed series provides real world lessons from C-level business leaders (ceo, cfo, cto, cmo, Partner) from some of the world’s most respected companies. Each chapter is a future-oriented look at the most important issues for success. Every contributor has been carefully chosen for his or her proven business expertise in order to give readers actual insights from the thoughts, perspectives, and techniques of accomplished professionals worldwide. Because so few books or other publications are actually written by executives in industry, this series presents an unprecedented look at contemporary issues never before available.

"What C-Level executives read to keep their edge and make pivotal business decisions. Timeless classics for indispensable knowledge." Richard Costello, Marketing Communications, General Electric

"Want to know what the real leaders are thinking about now? It’s in here." Carl Ledbetter, SVP & CTO, Novell, Inc.

"Unique insights into the way the experts think and the lessons they’ve learned from experience." MT Rainey, Co-CEO, Young & Rubicam/Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe

"A valuable probe into the thought, perspectives, and techniques of accomplished professionals. By taking a 50,000 foot view, the authors place their endeavours in a context rarely gleaned from text books or treatise."
Chuck Birenbaum, Partner, Thelen Reid & Priest

"A great way to see across the changing marketing landscape at a time of significant innovation."
David Kenny, Chairman & CEO, Digitas

"True insight from the doers in the industry, as opposed to the critics on the sideline." Steve Hanson, CEO, On Semiconductor

"What the bigwigs read"
Paul Simons, CEO, Ogilvy & Mather, UK

"Become an expert yourself by learning from experts" John Ferver, Co-Founder, Advertising.com

"An insightful read for those who want to gain insight . . . lifetimes of knowledge and understanding" Anthony Russo, PhD, CEO Noonan, Russo Communications

"A tremendous treasure trove of knowledge . . . perfect for the novice or the seasoned veteran" Thomas L. Amberg, CEO, Cushman, and Amberg Communications

"Real advice from real experts that improves your performance immediately" Dan Woods, CTO, Capital Thinking

"Easy, insightful reading that can’t be found anywhere else" Dominick Esposito, Vice – Chairman, BBO Selidman (???)

"A rare peek behind the curtains and the minds of the industry’s best" – Brandon Baum, Palmer, Cooley, Godward

"Captures the essence, the deep-down thinking processes of people who make things happen" Martin Cooper, CEO, Arraymann

"A wealth of real world experience from the acknowledged industry leaders you can use in your own business" Satish Gupta, CEO, Cradle Technologies

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