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How to Become a Multi-Millionaire
Subhash Lakhotia
Practical, inspirational roadmap for becoming a multi-millionaire.

Come, dream big — and discover how you can fulfil your dreams . . . ..more

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10 Commandments for Financial Freedom
How to Stop Worrying About Money — Forever!

Mehrab Irani

"These 10 commandments . . . permanently free (you) from money problems."H N Sinor, CEO, Association for Mutual Funds in India ..more

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In the Wonderland of Mathematics
Fun and learning in the magical world of numbers

A.N. Shanbhag , Sandeep Shanbhag
Come, discover joy and learning in the magical world of numbers. A fall-in-love book. ..more

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Running and Living

Rahul S. Verghese
An inspirational book that shows how running can change your personal and work life forever. ..more

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How to Choose a Lawyer — and Win Your Case
Rajesh Talwar
Explains in an easy-to-understand style how to choose the right lawyer and how to improve the odds of winning your case. ..more

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Happiness Unlimited
How to be happy — always!

Manoj Arora
This book will help you discover your inner self and unlock the eternal happiness that lies within you. In doing so, it will transform your life forever. It also shows you how to make your own destiny by mastering your thoughts. ..more

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The Very, Very Rich and How They Got That Way
The Spectacular Success Stories of 15 Men Who Made It to the Very, Very Top

Max Gunther
A fascinating inquiry into how vast fortunes are made

This classic reveals how truly big money is made. It recounts the spectacular success stories of 15 crème de la crème of the self-made super-rich. ..more

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Making Your Own Will
How to do it! Why you should do it

Rajesh Talwar
The book explains simply and clearly everything you need to know about making your Will.

"Condensed brilliantly in a nutshell ... A must read"The Hindu ..more

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Getting Along Better with People
C.N. Parkinson , M.K. Rustomji
This direct, easy to understand book contains pithy, ready-to-apply lessons on how to work smoothly and successfully with other people. Sparkling with brilliance and humour, it is “a treasure-trove for managers and executives at all levels”. ..more

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The Luck Factor
Why some people are luckier than others and how you can become one of them

Max Gunther
LUCK. We can't see it, or touch it, but we can feel it. We all know it when we experience it. But can you harness it to your own advantage? A most compelling and readable book. ..more

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The Divorce Handbook
Your Guide to Marriage and Divorce Laws

Rajesh Talwar
This book explains simply and clearly the various legal procedures which govern marriage and divorce among different religious communities in the country. ..more

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