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Running and Living
Rahul S. Verghese Running and Living : Rahul S. Verghese : Vision Books : Book (ISBN: 8170949394)
Pages: 196
Price: Rs. 399
Format: Paperback
ISBN13/10: 9788170949398 / 8170949394
Availability: Yes
Published in 2015
eBook available at:
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Table of Contents

Come, start running — it will change your personal and work life forever

Most of us learn to accept and live with shattered dreams and, sometimes, even no dreams at all. We busy ourselves doing what’s urgent, while leaving out what’s important. But is that living life to the fullest?

This book urges us to focus on what;s truly vital; having a dream, and reaching out for it. The author suggests that one of the simplest ways of transforming your life is via running! That’s what changed the author’s personal and work life. It can do the same for you. Sounds crazy? Wait, read on . . . 

This is not a book about becoming a great runner, it is about how you can get more outlive life in all its dimensions, and ultimately achieve greater happiness — by running. It draws parallels between running and life, emphasises crossover learnings and shows how running can transform you as a person, a family member, a team player or leader at work. It also highlights how running can help build up businesses, work teams and social communities.

Dreams fuel the human spirit, ignite the passion for great enterprise, flooding everything around with positive energy.

So dream your big dream — and run for it.

Rahul S. Verghese

RAHUL S. VERGHESE is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Management at Ahmedabad, India's premier business school. He worked for 25 years with Unilever, Nestlé, a garment company, and Motorola in varied national, regional, and global marketing as well as business management roles. He then switched gears to start a venture to build running into a marketing platform, to enable brands, organizations, and individuals to unleash their potential.

Rahul loves adventure. He started trekking and rock climbing while in school, mountaineering while attending St Stephen’s College, river rafting in his late twenties, and skiing and running when he hit his 40s. He ran and walked on his newly bought treadmill for six months during his first encounter with the cold Chicago winter, and exulted when he ran five kilometres without stopping. Two months later he signed up for the Chicago Marathon — and completed it. A year later he improved his time in the marathon — and got bitten by the running bug. He has now run over 51 marathons in 6 continents. A key goal of his business venture is to inspire 200 million people into enjoying running.

Rahul has shaken hands with world champion athletes, spoken to leading doctors, read several medical reports, run with thousands of amateur runners like himself in marathons across the world, chatting and clicking photographs along the way. Being an accidental runner, he has learnt a lot about the “how to”, and now increasingly, about the “why” of running, from several people across the world who have run in the over 200 runs his company has organised across India, and from those who visit his company’s website — www.runningandliving.com.

His company Running And Living Infotainment, is focused on being a 360 degree marketing platform (online/ offline/ relationship builds / social media and community connects) for companies and brands, and organizes 5-kilometre to ultra marathon runs in more than 10 states of India, helps social causes, holds informative sessions, and mobilizes networking opportunities at these runs. The company also does sessions with leadership teams on the impact of running on business and how it can be measured.

The beginnings of Rahul’s journey as a runner entrepreneur have been featured in a cover story of The Week, a leading Indian magazine, a radio interview by Media Corp 938, a Singaporean Radio channel; 6 bridges, an internet-based site for Indian professionals; and NDTV, a leading Indian TV news channel, among others.

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