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  Great Value Editions of International Bestsellers  

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The Complete Guide to Investing in Exchange Traded Funds
How to Earn High Rates of Return — Safely

Martha Maeda
There are compelling benefits of investing and trading in ETFs. This book reveals how you can do so profitably and safely.

"ETFs constitute an advance (over) . . . mutual funds". ..more

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The Complete Guide to Investing in Gold and Precious Metals
Alan Northcott
How to profit from investing and trading in gold, silver and other precious metals. ..more

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Profitable Investing in Volatile Markets
Industry Professionals Reveal the Secrets of Profiting in Turbulent Markets

Top Investment Managers
Secrets of profitable investing and trading in volatile times, when sentiment rather than valuations becomes the main driver in the market.

"Real world advice from real experts" ..more

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The Basics of Bonds
Gerald Krefetz
Profitable Fixed-Income Investing
This book by a U.S. investment expert will assist you in making intelligent decisions about your fixed-income investing. ..more

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The Invincible Investor
10 Top Financial Planners Reveal the Secrets of Loss-Proof Investing

Global Financial Planners
Packed in this innovative book are the secrets of loss-proof investing by ten top international investment advisers.
"Real world advice from real experts” ..more

 Price: Rs. 395.00
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Advanced Approaches to Stock Selection
Bruner Ross Paul
Packed with contemporary research findings and practices, this book breaks new ground in thinking about the stock selection process in more robust ways and from a number of different perspectives. ..more

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The New Commonsense Guide to Mutual Funds
Mary Rowland
One of America's pre-eminent financial journalists, cuts through the hype and confusion surrounding mutual funds and tells you exactly what you need to know.
“Remarkable! ”John C. Bogle ..more

 Price: Rs. 190.00
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The Winning Portfolio: How to Choose the Best Mutual Funds
Paul B. Farrell
How to choose the best mutual funds
Farrell's strategy is easy-to-follow and will help diversify your portfolio while shielding your investment from market downturns. ..more

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Asset Allocation and Portfolio Optimization
Warren E. Bitters
This book provides a penetrating survey of the increasingly sophisticated methods of asset allocation since the late 1980s, and also explores important contemporary practices of portfolio optimization. ..more

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The Basics of Speculating
Gerald Krefetz
How to speculate most profitably with your hard earned money
This book tackles in detail the most popular financial instruments used for speculation: stocks, bonds, options, futures, commodities and precious metals, etc. ..more

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