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The Complete Guide to Investing in Gold and Precious Metals
Alan Northcott The Complete Guide to Investing in Gold and Precious Metals : Alan Northcott : Vision Books : Book (ISBN: 8170948398)
Pages: 192
Price: Rs. 395
Format: Paperback
ISBN13/10: 9788170948391 / 8170948398
Availability: Yes
Published in 2011
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Table of Contents

How to profit from investing and trading in gold, silver and other precious metals

Gold, silver and other precious metals are the true safe havens of investing, assets which have maintained their value throughout history, despite all wars, political upheavals or inflation. This highlights their crucial value and importance for investors. Their inclusion guarantees both greater protection of your investment portfolio and greater stability of returns, the latter is a crucial factor in turbulent times, including inflation. In fact, whenever financial markets turn uncertain, gold and silver offer extraordinary returns and come to occupy center space in the minds of investors.

This book gives you the complete background, prospects and methods of investing and trading in the most popular and most traded precious metals on the market:

  • Why every investor must invest in gold, silver and precious metals

  • Past returns and future prospects of gold, silver and other precious metals

  • The risks of investing in gold, silver and precious metals

  • The various forms of gold you can buy — gold bullion, gold coins, digital gold, etc.

  • How to invest in precious metals through mutual funds and exchange traded funds

  • Investing in stocks of companies which mine precious metals

  • Scams and pitfalls of investing in precious metals

  • How to make money trading and speculating in gold and silver

  • PLUS: Professional advice from dozens of financial experts and traders who show you how you can maximize your return and minimize your risks.

Every investor would benefit by including gold, silver and precious metals in his or her portfolio. This book provides you all the essential guidance about investing in gold and silver, etc. — and how you can profit from investing in precious metals.

Alan Northcott

Alan Northcott is a successful financial author, freelance writer, trader, professional engineer, farmer, karaoke jockey, and wedding officiant, along with other pursuits. He and his wife now live in Colorado, USA.

Originating from England, he immigrated with his wife to America in 1992. His engineering career spanned more than 30 years on both sides of the Atlantic, and recent years have found him seeking and living a more diverse, fulfilling life-style. This is the sixth financial book he has written.

He offers a free newsletter on various related topics. You can find out more at www.alannorthcott.com, or e-mail him directly at alannorthcott@msn.com

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