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The New Commonsense Guide to Mutual Funds
Mary Rowland The New Commonsense Guide to Mutual Funds : Mary Rowland : Vision Books : Book (ISBN: 8170944791)
Pages: 280
Price: Rs. 280
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 8170944791
Availability: Yes
Latest Print in 2008
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In this top-selling book, one of America’s pre-eminent financial journalists, cuts through the hype and confusion surrounding mutual funds and tells you exactly what you need to know:

  • DO build your portfolio with at least three "core" mutual funds.

  • DON’T follow the crowd.

  • DO use index funds.

  • DON’T try to time the market.

  • DO invest in different asset classes.

  • DON’T buy (or sell) a fund based on recent performance alone.

  • DO look for consistency.

  • DON’T invest in a fund that’s too big for its britches.

  • DO add to your holdings with an automatic-investment program.

  • DON’T rely too much on ratings.

Whether you’re looking for an edge or are just starting to invest, this book will show you how mutual funds work and how you can use them to meet your financial goals.


"Nuts and Bolts of fund investing"  —The Wall Street Journal, USA

“It’san outstanding resource: concise, complete, informative, and straightforward."  —Charles Jaffe, The Boston Globe, USA

“Nuts and bolts of fund investing for the true neophyte, plus an excellent section on measuring an investor’s tolerance for risk…you will most assuredly refer to it again and again.”  —The Wall Street Journal, USA

“Remarkable! A splendid combination of wisdom and simplicity. The Dos and Don’ts offer a priceless education in what investors really need to know.”  —John C. Bogle, Senior Chairman and Founder, Vanguard Group

Mary Rowland

Mary Rowland is a distinguished U.S. columnist and author specializing in personal finance and financial planning issues. Her work has appeared in The New York Times and in Bloomberg Personal Finance, Dow Jones Investment Advisor, Modern Maturity, and many other major American magazines. For 20 years she has looked at financial planning from both sides, interviewing financial advisors and portfolio managers for professional journals and writing for consumers on such issues as selecting a financial planner. She is also the author of A Commonsense Guide to Your 401 (k) and Best Practices for Financial Advisors, and speaks frequently at industry conferences and investment seminars. She lives in New York’s Hudson Valley with her husband and two children.

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