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  Derivatives (Futures and Options)  

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How to Make Money Trading Derivatives
An Insider's Guide

Ashwani Gujral
Superseller: 24,000+ copies sold.

3rd Edition With a New Chapter: The AG Last Hour Trading Technique

"Must read for trading the Indian markets"  ..more

 Price: Rs. 295.00
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How to Make a Fortune in Futures & Options
Secrets of Getting Rich on Low Money Down

Ashu Dutt

"There are very few opportunities for making very large gains in relation to the money you put up. Futures and options is one of them."


 Price: Rs. 849.00
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How to Make Money Trading with Charts (2nd Edition with a New Chapter)
with: 150+ Charts of Real Examples from the Indian Markets

Ashwani Gujral , Prasanna Khemariya
Superseller! Shows how you can make money trading in different market conditions. Now, with a new chapter. ..more

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Futures & Options
Introduction to Equity Derivatives

R. Mahajan
"An excellent introduction to derivatives for investors" President, BSE ..more

 Price: Rs. 395.00
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The Trader's Guide to Selling Stocks Short
Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply

Matthew G. Young
You can make money when the market is falling by selling short. This book will help you master how to sell short — and profit from it. ..more

 Price: Rs. 495.00
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Trader's Guide to Financial Markets and Technical Analysis
Jitender Yadav
A comprehensive guide on how to profitably trade stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, derivatives, etc. using technical analysis. ..more

 Price: Rs. 395.00
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Winning with Futures
The Smart Way to Recognize Opportunities, Calculate Risk, and Maximize Profits

Michael C. Thomsett
How to make bigger profits in stocks, commodities, gold, silver, oil, etc. with futures . . . meant for investors new to futures, this book describes and evaluates all their risks and opportunities. ..more

 Price: Rs. 395.00
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Winning with Options
The Smart Way to Manage Portfolio Risk and Maximize Profit

Michael C. Thomsett
"A clear, 'how-to' instruction book that teaches investors how to make money in options" Virginia B. Gerhart, CFP, President, Gerhart Associates ..more

 Price: Rs. 495.00
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The Way to Trade
Discover Your Successful Trading Personality

John Piper
“John Piper takes you beyond theory. He provides an essential lesson that most (traders)never get”Dr. Alexander Elder ..more

 Price: Rs. 595.00
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The Complete Guide to Point and Figure Charting
A Manual of Charting and Trading Techniques

Heinrich Weber , Kermit Zieg
"Point-and-figure is the best of all technical analysis methods," assert the expert authors and demonstrate in this book how this method produces consistent and reliable trading profits. ..more

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