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Making Money by Selling Options — Simplified
Ashish Singh Making Money by Selling Options — Simplified : Ashish Singh : Vision Books : Book (ISBN: 9386268612)
Pages: 196
Price: Rs. 349
Format: Paperback
ISBN13/10: 9789386268617 / 9386268612
Availability: Yes
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Table of Contents

How to Earn a Monthly Income by Trading Options – With Low Capital

In a clear, simple style, this book provides actionable knowledge and guidance essential for trading options, specifically selling options profitably:

  • Options terminology, option Greeks, the option chain and open interest

  • Understanding the factors that determine option pricing

  • Why option selling is more profitable than buying options

  • How to select the right options to trade

  • How to sell options with relative safety

  • Hedged option strategies suitable for individual option traders

  • How to avoid common trading mistakes

  • How to manage ongoing option trades if they start going wrong

  • How to determine where the market is headed in the near term

  • Invaluable learnings from the author's successes and mistakes in his real-life trading.

"If I can do it, so can you!" says Ashish Singh the author of this book. He adds further: "Who doesn't like money? I do, too. I trade options in order to have a decent second source of income, with relatively low capital, in addition to my salary from a full-time job."

Ashish Singh

From the author:
“Hi, there! My name is Ashish Singh, and I am from a very humble background from the eastern parts of Uttar Pradesh. After completing college in 2007, I came to Mumbai and started working in the IT industry. Since I had an interest in the Indian stock market and how it works, I started reading about it

"Gradually, I heard about derivatives trading, started reading about it, and was completely awestruck with all the permutation and combinations it offers a trader. Since I had the cushion of a job to financially support my passion, I started trading after the 2008 market crash. Markets were in a recovery mode at that time, so buying options gave me good profits but the real lessons — read, losses — and dynamics I learnt when the markets were stagnant in 2010. Through this book, I am sharing with you my decade-long experience and learnings of options trading."

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