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Profitable Short Term Trading Strategies
How to Make Money Using Market-Proven Trading Strategies
Rakesh Bansal Profitable Short Term Trading Strategies : Rakesh Bansal : Vision Books : Book (ISBN: 817094905X)
Pages: 208
Price: Rs. 599
Format: Paperback
ISBN13/10: 9788170949053 / 817094905X
Availability: Yes
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Table of Contents

How to make money using market-proven trading strategies

This book is a valuable compendium of select tried and tested short term trading strategies. Followed with discipline and patience, these strategies can help you build solid wealth in the stock market.

The book starts with an explanation of the key concepts of technical analysis that underlie trading. The big advantage of technical trading is that it eliminates guesswork since the risk, namely the worst-possible outcome of a trade, is known in advance even before a trade is initiated.

Each trading strategy is explained in detail with entry, stop loss and exit rules and illustrated with real-life examples and charts. Find out:

  • The logic of technical trading

  • The key tools: charts and trends

  • Proven trend trading strategies

  • How to trade support and resistance

  • Strategies for trading trend lines

  • Strategies for trading reversal and continuation patterns

  • How to profitably trade gaps

  • Retracement trading strategies

  • Tried and tested trading strategies using leading and lagging indicators

  • Mechanical trading strategies

  • Introduction to algorithmic trading strategies

  • And, lot's more.

Come, profit from these market-proven trading strategies.

Rakesh Bansal

Rakesh Bansal, a post graduate in Business Management, grew interested in the stock market in 1998 and is now a full time market trader, mentor and advisor. Equally, he is a prominently featured market expert on top Indian business television channels.

With his vast repertoire of knowledge and rich experience of more than two decades, Mr. Bansal has been mentoring and advising large numbers of traders and investors through his seminars. He is an expert panellist with Zee Business television channel where he regularly shares his market outlook and trading picks. His equity advisory services focus on “Return OF Capital along with Return ON Capital.”

Rakesh Bansal is the author of two other successful books on trading, Profitable Short Term Trading Strategies and Profitable Elliott Wave Trading Strategies, both published by Vision Books.

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