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Smooth Ride to Venture Capital
How to Get VC Funding for Your Business
Pankaj Sahai Smooth Ride to Venture Capital : Pankaj Sahai : Vision Books : Book (ISBN: 8170947480)
Pages: 340
Price: Rs. 495
Format: Paperback
ISBN13/10: 9788170947486 / 8170947480
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Table of Contents

How to Get VC Funding for Your Business

Have you got a great business idea but not enough money to translate into a reality? Have you got a small ongoing venture that can grow truly big if only you had the money? Is your venture at too early a stage such that banks won't fund you? In all such cases, you can grow your venture, create immense wealth and realise all your entrepreneurial dreams by using venture capital to fund your business.

This is the first comprehensive handbook of venture capital funding for Indian entrepreneurs. It deals with the whole gamut of issues related to the complex, multi-dimensional subject of venture capital in a simple and engaging manner. Using first person narrative, it explains lucidly all the concepts and intricacies of the venture capital raising process and guides the entrepreneur step-by-step, revealing the secrets of success at every stage of the process:

  • How is venture capital different from other sources of financing?

  • How does the VC make money by investing in my business?

  • How should I create my business plan to present to the VC?

  • How will the VC value my business?

  • How should I negotiate with the VC?

  • How can I protect my interests once a VC funds my business?

  • What legal agreements will I have to sign with the VC?

  • How and when will the VC exit from my business?

  • Would I have to pay him to do so?

This authoritative handbook is a must for ambitious entrepreneurs, business managers, management consultants, business advisers and finance professionals alike.


The author is a Delhi based Chartered Accountant, Enterprise Consultant and Executive Coach. One of the best books on the topic of VC funding. It also has an India "air and context" to it.

With more than 6 Billion dollars of early-stage and VC Capital waiting to be invested in the coming years and thousands of entrepreneurs-in-waiting in the growing and young economy that India is, I expect this book to make a big difference to many people and the realization of their dreams.

For any entrepreneur, raising money from a non-promoter financial agency or institution is a tough and tearing proposition. It raises many questions and confusions, many fears and doubts, many temptations and tribulations. The book has been written with deep sensitivity to the entrepreneur's situation and predicament. The book often anticipates and clears such issues. Valuation, Dilution, Sharing of Control, Communication, Size of Funds required etc are difficult and confusing areas which great deal of subjectivity and context dependence. The book is an authoritative guide on most of these issues without losing its readability at any point. It makes a special effort at various places to point out pitfalls and myths.

I picked up this book at a Landmark store in Chennai and could not put it down. Written by and large in a second person, personable voice "Your business", "You must" etc., it takes on a prescriptive tone that is surprisingly highly acceptable to the reader because of the substance and solidity of presentation. The book touches so many important things so adequately that I decided to get in touch with the author and thank him personally for writing such a book. The author Pankaj turned out to be a most friendly, widely read, deep thinking and financially savvy person of very high integrity and commitment to his projects. I remain in touch with him till date and am waiting for more of his books.

With 26 well written chapters in five parts that include VC Industry Workings, Assessing Readiness for VC funding, Preparing for the VC, Negotiating and Structuring the Deal and Managing the VC relationship and 5 excellent appendices including a glossary of VC terminology (including slang!), the book is a must-have-in-your-bookshelf reference and guide.

The book will be useful for all entrepreneurs, promoters, Chartered Accountants and MBA's trying to learn this field or engage in a self-study project. It is a great gift to give to that enterprising friend of yours whom you know will one day start a business and successfully grow it.

The positive spirit of the book, its thoroughness and ability to genuinely educate the entrepreneur will make this book one of lasting relevance and many, many subsequent editions. Vultures, greedy financiers and low-balling peddlers of capital will run scared of this book as it promises to enlighten the entrepreneur on how to spot and handle such behaviors of financiers.

  — Anand Kannan, B.Tech (IIT-M), PhD (Purdue)

"Finally, an How To on Raising VC in India . . . . While Private Equity and Venture Capital gets more than adequate coverage in the general business and entrepreneur-targeted media, there has been a surprising lack of "how to" manuals for entrepreneurs who are serious about raising this type of capital. For instance, while entrepreneurs might have heard of terms like "term sheets", "due diligence", etc., it is not very easy to research online on what exactly is these involve in the Indian context. (Most of the material available is typically US-centric). Which is why New Delhi based consultant and entrepreneur Pankaj Sahai's "Smooth Ride to Venture Capital" stands out. Published by Vision Books; and prices at Rs. 495/, the book is also well laid out on good quality paper"  Arun Natrajan, Founder & CEO of Venture Intelligence

". . . The book serves as a guide to the experts in the field . . . important topics are covered well."  Businessworld

". . . Recommended addition to the Entrepreneur shelf . . ."  The Hindu Business Line

". . . This is one of the few books on the venture capital industry that specifically addresses Indian Entrepreneurs . . . book is a good source of information and is worth a venture."  Money Today

Pankaj Sahai

PANKAJ SAHAI is a New Delhi based management consultant, entrepreneur coach, mentor and adviser. He is the founder of VentureAhead.com, an entrepreneur support and coaching portal, an enabling marketplace for ventures in need of strategic capital and partners. Previously, he worked, in responsible positions in India and overseas, with multinationals like Price Waterhouse, Ernst & Young, Schlumberger and Citibank, before becoming part of the core entrepreneurial team of shareholder-directors at IIS Infotech Ltd, a software services start-up, which was subsequently sold to FI Group Plc. (now Steria-Xansa). Pankaj Sahai is a Chartered Accountant (India) and a Chartered Management Accountant (United Kingdom).

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