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Technical Analysis of Stock Trends
NINTH EDITION - Expanded, Updated and Revised
Robert D. EdwardsJohn MageeW. H. C. Bassetti Technical Analysis of Stock Trends : Robert D. Edwards,John Magee,W. H. C. Bassetti : Vision Books : Book (ISBN: 8170947421)
Pages: 832
Price: Rs. 995
Format: Paperback
ISBN13/10: 9788170947424 / 8170947421
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Table of Contents

9th expanded, updated and revised edition of the classic reference used by 1 million plus traders and investors worldwide.

Long considered the definitive foundational work on technical analysis, this milestone, expanded 9th edition of “the bible of technical analysis” offers both proven, time-tested trading and investing techniques and updated contemporary know-how for success in different market conditions:

  • How to improve your trading and investment performance by analyzing stock trends.

  • How to apply the three basic principles of charting, and how to interpret common patterns.

  • When to buy; how to use stops.

  • How to avoid significant losses by using charts to figure out when and how far prices will fall.

  • What to do during speculative frenzies.

  • Contemporary updates to Dow Theory.

  • Practical portfolio theory and practice.

  • 500+ real-life chart examples — each an analysis and trading lesson in itself.


"The fact that this text is still being reprinted more than fifty years after its initial publication should tell you all you need to know. It is as relevant to today�s markets as ever. The companies may have changed, but the patterns haven�t. This edition contains the basics of trading stock indexes, discussions on options, risk, the significance of technology on technical analysis and trading and numerous other additions. In short, it remains an essential volume for students and practitioners of chart analysis."  Jack Schwager, author of Technical Analysis, Schwager on Futures, and Stock Market Wizards.

"There is no better place to begin your education in market behavior than this pioneering book. It has stood the test of time and will continue to apply in the future, because the engine of market patterns and human social psychology never changes."  Robert R. Prechter, Jr., President, Elliott Wave International

"#1 all-time classic . . . the best (book) on chart patterns ever written!"  Edward Dobson, Traders Press, Inc.

"The standard of excellence against which everything in technical analysis is measured."  Ralph Acampora, Prudential Securities

"This is the one indispensable book on chart analysis. The original, the bible, unmatched and unimproved until this excellent, updated edition. It is a must read and a requirement for every trader's library or for any student of technical analysis."  Professor Henry Pruden, Ph.D., Golden Gate University, San Francisco, California

"There are so very few books that have withstood the test of time like this one. It continues to deliver keen insights and guidance to today's investors, as it has over the decades."  Chris Myers, Trader's Library

"The updates to Edwards and Magee's classic work continue to surprise and impress me. The current editor of the 9th Edition has developed some amazingly basic and crucial ideas from Magee's original work. Developing the Basing Points procedure, he demonstrates how a trending market can be managed with almost algorithmic precision by the most inexperienced or professional of traders. An impressive new edition."  Mark L. Wainwright, President, Paradigm Trading Systems

"The 9th edition contains some 'jewels' developed from Magee's work, Basing Point analysis and risk management, as well as additional material demonstrating the power of chart analysis in commodity trading. It is a daunting task to update a classic of this complexity and reputation . . . . I am pleased to recommend this edition to new readers and old readers alike."  John Murphy, author of Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets and Intermarket Analysis

Robert D. Edwards

Robert D. Edwards carried forward the original Dow Theory, developing a unified and chohesive presentation, including new and clearer analyses of pattern formations, trends, and support-resistance levels.

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