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Behavioural Technical Analysis
An Introduction to Behavioural Finance and Its Role in Technical Analysis
Paul V. Azzopardi Behavioural Technical Analysis : Paul V. Azzopardi : Vision Books : Book (ISBN: 8170948509)
Pages: 236
Price: Rs. 495
Format: Paperback
ISBN13/10: 9788170948506 / 8170948509
Availability: Yes
Published in 2012
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Table of Contents

What happens when sentiment and financial markets collide — and how to profit from it

Markets are fuelled by sentiment — the collective psychology of the market participants. Behavioural finance is an exciting new field of knowledge which is revolutionising trading and investment. It uses techniques from psychology, economics and statistics to study how human sentiment and emotions affect financial decision making of traders and investors.

In particular, behavioural finance is shining new light on various aspects of technical analysis — and this is the unique focus of the book.

This landmark new book reveals how behavioural finance offers you a more refined understanding of technical price patterns. The book also shows how behavioural finance can serve as an important foundation for profitable new trading techniques and strategies. As example, the author demonstrates the application of behavioural finance concepts to three popular technical strategies commonly used by traders:

  • Trading price extremes,

  • Trading trends, and

  • Trading support and resistance.

Technical analysis associations around the world, such as the Market Technicians Association (USA), the Society of Technical Analysts (UK), the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts, the Australian Technical Analysts Association and the Technical Analysts Society (Singapore), are increasingly including behavioural finance in their approved courses. With this book, you too can profit from the exciting new advances in behavioural technical analysis.


"The best explanation and summary of behavioural finance concepts that I have come across."  Canadian Financial DIY

"I highly recommend this book. It's a superb introductory guide that could potentially improve your trading or investing significantly."  Seeking Alpha

"Concise and easy to read . . . a solid introduction to the world of behavioural finance for those using technical analysis."  Your Trading Edge Magazine, UK

Paul V. Azzopardi

Paul V. Azzopardi has decades of experience in investment. He trained and worked as a certified public accountant and then obtained an MBA from the University of British Columbia, now Sauder School of Business, concentrating in finance and investments. He then worked in the securities industry for the last twenty years in various roles but principally as a manager of private client accounts. In this role he invested in securities around the world on behalf of his private clients. He now concentrates on managing a private fund and on his lifelong passion of writing about investments and finance.

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