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10 Technologies Every Executive Needs to Know
Dermot McCormackFergal O’Byrne 10 Technologies Every Executive Needs to Know : Dermot McCormack,Fergal O’Byrne : Vision Books : Book (ISBN: 8170945798)
Pages: 160
Price: Rs. 190
Format: Paperback
ISBN13/10: / 8170945798
Availability: Yes
Latest Print in 2006
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Find out how 10 powerful technologies will impact every business and your work

In today’s dynamic business climate, technology is both a key business edge and also an intrinsic part and parcel of every executive’s work. From the Internet to wireless networks, from data warehousing and data security to customer relationship management, it is imperative for today’s managers to go beyond simply the buzzwords. You need a clear understanding of the significance of critical technologies, how they drive business, and how you can derive strategic benefits and returns from technology.

10 Technologies Every Executive Needs to Know

  • Web Services

  • Nanotechnology

  • Security

  • Grid Computing

  • Linux

  • Wireless Technologies

  • XML

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • J2EE

  • Microsoft.Net

This book will serve as your technology interpreter. The expert authors have identified 10 powerful, business-critical technologies and provide clear descriptions and lucid explanations of both their core concepts and their likely pervasive impact on all businesses big and small.

Too many books on technology promise a clear and concise roadmap but all too often end up requiring the reader to be a confirmed geek to get past even the first chapter. This book is both understandable and insightful, much like an executive summary, complete with plenty of diagrams.

The authors have a big agenda – to empower every business executive with a strategic fix on 10 future-shaping technologies and how they will impact business and their own effectiveness. Techies will also gain from the big-picture approach of this book.

Dermot McCormack

Dermot McCormack is a seasoned technologist and visionary who has been involved in launching more than 200 Internet sites since 1993 and has been heavily involved in the strategic implementation of technology for both new and established companies and specializing particularly in online applications.
Mr. McCormack was co-founder and chief technology officer of Flooz.com, an online gift currency and one of the early members of iVillage. He also has developed large-scale Web projects for clients that include Sony, Microsoft, and Intel.
In 2000, Mr. McCormack was named to Irish America Magazine’s Business 100, a list celebrating achievements by Irish Americans in business.

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