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  Personal Finance  

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अधिक धन कमाने के लिए रूपया कहां इन्वेस्ट करें (Adhik Dhan Kamane Ke Liye Rupaya Kahan Invest Kare)
कम से कम 'कर' देकर अधिक से अधिक आय देने वाले निवेशों (Investments) की पूरी प्रामाणिक जानकारी (वित्तीय वर्ष 2016-17) — 19वां संस्करण

रामनिवास लखोटिया , सुभाष लखोटिया

अधिक से अधिक लाभ, कम से कम टैक्स| ..more

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In the Wonderland of Investment for NRIs
(F.Y. 2016-17) — 17th Edition

A.N. Shanbhag , Sandeep Shanbhag
Clear incisive guidance on investment opportunities and tax benefits for NRIs in India. Bestseller. ..more

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The Very, Very Rich and How They Got That Way
The Spectacular Success Stories of 15 Men Who Made It to the Very, Very Top

Max Gunther
A fascinating inquiry into how vast fortunes are made

This classic reveals how truly big money is made. It recounts the spectacular success stories of 15 crème de la crème of the self-made super-rich. ..more

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They May Catch You!
All About Income Tax Investigations, Searches and Surveys

Vinita Chopra
An insider's account, this book demystifies income tax investigations, searches and surveys for the taxpayers. ..more

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10 Commandments for Financial Freedom
How to Stop Worrying About Money — Forever!

Mehrab Irani
"These 10 commandments . . . permanently free (you) from money problems."H N Sinor, CEO, Association for Mutual Funds in India ..more

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Instant Millionaires
The Secrets of Overnight Success

Max Gunther
They wanted instant wealth — and they got it. Find out the secrets of their overnight success. ..more

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Making Your Own Will
How to do it! Why you should do it

Rajesh Talwar
The book explains simply and clearly everything you need to know about making your Will.

"Condensed brilliantly in a nutshell ... A must read"The Hindu ..more

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अपनी वसीयत कैसे बनाएँ (Apni Vasiyat Kaise Banayen)
वसीयत द्वारा अपनी सम्पति का बंटवारा अपनी इच्छानुसार कैसे करें ।

रामनिवास लखोटिया , सुभाष लखोटिया
वसीयत द्वारा अपनी सम्पत्ति का अपनी इच्छानुसार बंटवारा करने का सहज उपाय है। ऐसा करने से आप भविष्य में होने वाली किसी भी तरह की पारिवारिक कलह की सम्भावना को भी खत्म कर सकते हैं। ..more

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The Rich Investor
How to Avoid Common Investing Mistakes and Build Wealth

Arjun Parthasarathy
How to avoid common investing mistakes — and grow rich. ..more

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Wealth Engine
Indian Financial Planning and Wealth Management Handbook

Sundar Sankaran
How to turn your savings into wealth.

"If all wealth seekers and wealth professionals read this book, the investment world will be safer."Mani Subramanian, CEO, Barclays Bank PLC, India ..more

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The Complete Guide to Investing in Gold and Precious Metals
Alan Northcott
How to profit from investing and trading in gold, silver and other precious metals. ..more

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How to Become a Multi-Millionaire
Subhash Lakhotia
Practical, inspirational roadmap for becoming a multi-millionaire.

Come, dream big — and discover how you can fulfil your dreams . . . ..more

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लखपति से करोड़पति कैसे बनें (Lakhpati Se Crorepati Kaise Bane)
सुभाष लखोटिया
करोड़पति बनने के प्रेरणादायक एवं व्यावहारिक मूल मंत्र एवं उपाय, प्रख्यात वित्त तथा टैक्स गुरु सुभाष लखोटिया की कलम से। ..more

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