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India: An Introduction
Khushwant Singh
Khushwant Singh tells the story of the land and its people from the earliest time to the present day. He offers perceptive insights into everything Indian that may catch one's eye or arouse curiosity: its religions, customs, philosophy, art & culture ..more

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Concise Encyclopedia of Indian History
Surjit Mansingh
This concise encyclopedia encompasses important people, places, and events in India ..more

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Walking Alone: Gandhi & India’s Partition
Bhashyam Kasturi
This book explores the political and personal life of Mahatma Gandhi through the traumatic period, 1946-48, which saw the partition and independence of India, and the worst-ever communal holocaust in the subcontinent. ..more

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The Great Indian Way: A Life of Mahatma Gandhi
Raja Rao
Raja Rao unfolds the Mahatma’s life and the meaning of Gandhism on a vast canvas.
“Among the most authentic accounts of the Mahatma’s life and work . . . . Its unique character lies in the evocation of the man."Mulk Raj Ananad ..more

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The Arabian Seas
The Indian Ocean World of the Seventeenth Century

R.J. Barendse
This book is a magisterial work on the world political economy (trade, war, power) that explores the intersect of the worlds of Islam and the European world economy on the eve of modern world system. ..more

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The Making of India
Ranbir Vohra
This book explores at length the immense changes that have shaped the making of modern India during the last century-and-a-half, as also the political, social and economic achievements of independent India. ..more

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Atlas and Survey of South Asian History
India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan

Karl J. Schmidt
This Atlas spans a period of 4000 years from the Harappan culture in the Indus Valley to contemporary South Asia. It contains 96 newly-drawn maps accompanied by informative text based on current scholarship. ..more

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A Nation Flawed: Lessons From Indian History
P.N. Chopra
Lessons from Indian History
This book is an analysis of India’s shortcomings and weaknesses since the dawn of history and the lessons that need to be learnt in order for India to emerge as a strong, proud and modern nation. ..more

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