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The Arabian Seas
The Indian Ocean World of the Seventeenth Century
R.J. Barendse The Arabian Seas : R.J. Barendse : Vision Books : Book (ISBN: 8170945186)
Pages: 588
Price: Rs. 595
Format: Paperback
ISBN13/10: 9788170945185 / 8170945186
Availability: Yes
Published in 2002
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The Arabian Seas is a magisterial work on the world political economy (trade, war, power) that explores the intersect of the worlds of Islam (including South and Southeast Asia, the Middle East and East Africa) and the European world economy (particularly the seafaring Portuguese, Dutch, and British) on the eve of the modern world system. It is likely to become a classic in its field, one of the pillars of the emerging literature in recent years that has begun to recast our understanding of the "early modern history" of Asia and the world economy. This work underlines the early and long predominance of Asia in the world economy and shows the long and deep tradition of European and Asian economic and military interactions. It centrally addresses current debates on the nature of the early modern world system and the relative strengths of East and West.


“Come wander the Arabian seas in the seventeenth century with Rene Barendse — a fascinating voyage of trade, corruption, violence, and profit. A learned, intelligent, and wide-ranging book which greatly enhances our understanding of early modern times.”  —Immanuel Wallerstein, Yale University, USA

“Until recently, there have been strikingly few comprehensive historical studies of the Indian Ocean as an economic and cultural system. The gap can be explained by the double barriers of the complexity of the very varied subsystems and the extraordinarily scattered nature of the sources in so many different languages. For these reasons, it would have seemed impossible that a scholar could do for the Indian Ocean in the seventeenth century what Braudel did for the Mediterranean in the age of Phillip II. This is precisely what R. J. Barendse has achieved.”  —Martin Bernal, Cornell University, USA

R.J. Barendse

R. J. Barendse received his B.A. in Modern History from the University of Amsterdam, and his M.A. in the History of European Expansion and his Ph.D in History from Leiden University. Associate Research Fellow at the International Institute for Asian Studies/Faculty of Social Science, Amsterdam, Dr. Barendse has been a visiting scholar at the Indian Council of Historical Research; a senior researcher at the Faculty of History, Erasmus University, Rotterdam; a research fellow at the International Institute for Asian Studies, Leiden; and a visiting scholar at the Australian National University.

Dr. Barendse has published, in addition to many articles and reviews, The Arabian Seas 1640-1700 (CNWS, Leiden, 1998 — an earlier version of this work), with O. Nieuwenhuys, Kinderen in India hun leven en werk (Children in India: Their Life and Work — Utrecht, 1987), and Een geschiedenis van Engeland in de twintigste eeuw van 1900 tot 1990 (English History in the Twentieth Century — uitgeverij het Balans, Amsterdam, 2001).

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