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Understanding Management
The Key to Better Results in Your Organization

C.N. Parkinson , M.K. Rustomji
Just open this book at any page and almost certainly you will be rewarded with an insight, an idea, a practical tip which you can immediately put into effect for better business results. ..more

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Web-Based Business
How to Open and Operate a Financially Successful Web-Based Business

Beth Williams
How to open and operate a financially successful Web-based business — proven strategies and real-life examples. ..more

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The Complete Guide to E-mail Marketing
How to Increase Your Sales and Profits through E-mail Marketing

Bruce C. Brown
Proven strategies and hundreds of tips for using the successful new method of e-mail marketing to increase your sales and profits. ..more

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The Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Marketing
Pay Per Click Advertising Secrets Revealed

Bruce C. Brown
How to increase sales and profits through the successful new methods of Internet marketing — search engine marketing and pay per click advertising. ..more

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Marketing: Key to Business Success Today
C.N. Parkinson , M.K. Rustomji , Walter E. Vieira
"An excellent job of describing marketing ideas in an easy-to-understand manner"Philip Kotler.

This is a simply-written, practical book of terrific value to business executives and management students. ..more

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80/20 Management
How to Improve Your Business Effectiveness by 400%

Julie-Ann Amos
Find out how you can improve your business effectiveness by 400% by applying your effort towards maximum result. ..more

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10 Technologies Every Executive Needs to Know
Dermot McCormack , Fergal O’Byrne
The authors have a big agenda – to empower every business executive with a strategic fix on 10 future-shaping technologies and how they will impact business and their own effectiveness. Techies will also gain from the big-picture approach of this book. ..more

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Full Frontal PR
How to set people talking about you, your business, or your product

Richard Laermer with Michael Prichinello
Getting People Talking About you, Your Business or Your Product
“The best-written, most interesting, most up-to-date manual on the PR field” —Al Ries, Co-author, The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR. ..more

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e-Business Essentials
10 Key Steps to E-volutionise Your Business

Bruce Durie
This quick-reference guide will save you hundreds of hours of research and shows you how to quickly add e-Business to your operations, use the Internet to globalise your operations, expand your customer base ..more

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Getting Ahead :
Self-Check and Sharpen Your Competence

Rajiv Khurana
In this book, the author has divided up the task of self-checking your executive competence into page-sized themes — easy-to-absorb, fun-to-do. ..more

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