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The Finance Quiz Book
Bijay Bhujabal The Finance Quiz Book : Bijay Bhujabal : Vision Books : Book (ISBN: 817094743X)
Pages: 248
Price: Rs. 190
Format: Paperback
ISBN13/10: / 817094743X
Availability: Yes
Published in 2009
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Test Your Finance Intelligence with 1,025 Multiple-Choice Questions

From trade and industry to money and banking, from stock markets to investing masters, and from mythology to modern IT, from finance concepts to practices, The Finance Quiz Book is packed with more than a thousand intriguing and informative questions covering the full spectrum of the intriguing world of finance. The book is a must for avid quizzers, MBA and finance wannabes and professionals, upwardly mobile and aspiring managers, and everyone interested in the endlessly fascinating world of finance — and how it works:

  • Which bank was the first to introduce a credit card for rural India?

  • Which was the first billion-dollar company in the world?

  • Which legendary American investor and financier has also worked as a railway porter and restaurant waiter?

  • Which of the investment gurus is called the ’Father of Value Investing“ and the “Dean of Wall Street”?

  • If one is “bed-and-breakfasting“ in the stock market, what exactly is one doing?

  • What do you call a mutual fund which does not make investment in companies in certain business areas like liquor, industries polluting environment, or those using child labor, etc.?

  • On what basis does RBI estimate the demand for bank notes?

  • In Wall Street slang, what are James Bonds?

  • What does Big Mac from McDonald’s have to do with the financial status of a country?

  • In a venture capitalist’s term, what is “PIPE”?

Bijay Bhujabal

Prof Bijay Bhujabal a management teacher, trainer and business quiz master.

Prof Bhujabal's business quiz books have won widespread appreciation from business press, management professionals, B-school grads and quiz enthusiasts.

Prof Bhujabal is popular for his innovative approach to management education. He utilizes both business quiz and the real-life business, marketing and advertising simulation games he has developed as teaching tools. He conducts and also helps B-schools to conduct business simulation games as part of B-school meets. He also conducts business quiz competitions for B-schools and corporate executives which are informative as well as entertaining.

Prof Bhujabal has taught in well-known business schools in different parts of the country. He has published a number of papers, and conducted MDPs and workshops in advertising, CRM and behavioural skills. He is a consultant to small and medium-size enterprises, advertising agencies and educational institutions. Presently, he teaches at ICFAI Business School, Dehradun, India. He resides at Dehradun with his wife Neena and son Pratyush.

He can be reached at bijay_bhujabal@rediffmail.com or bizbert_b@yahoo.co.in.

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