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A Guide to Hindu Spirituality
Arvind Sharma A Guide to Hindu Spirituality : Arvind Sharma : Vision Books : Book (ISBN: 8170947138)
Pages: 152
Price: Rs. 225
Format: Paperback
ISBN13/10: 9788170947134 / 8170947138
Availability: Yes
Published in 2008
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Spirituality is often viewed as something mysterious and esoteric-and Hindu spirituality even more so. Equally, it is often confused with religion and religious practices. But the central claim of spirituality is really quite simple: that our normal life does not exhaust the experience of reality. The word spirituality is simply a signpost pointing to this unexplored region; unexplored yet experienced by each one of us. 

A Guide to Hindu Spirituality serves as a guide to help us explore that unexplored dimension, spirituality. 

This is a concise and highly accessible initiation into the essence of Hindu spirituality by a renowned scholar of Hinduism. It offers both an outline of the major schools of Hinduism and their key philosophical and spiritual methods, focusing especially on Advaita, or non-dual, Vedanta.


"Provides the modern reader with an important and engaging view of Hindu thought, . . . and its universal relevance."  David Frawley, Director, American Institute of Vedic Studies, USA

"Arvind Sharma has crafted a gentle, inviting introduction to the core concepts of Hindu spirituality . . . . Readers will revel in the elegance and clarity of Sharma's presentation."  —Christopher Key Chapple, Professor of Theological Studies, Loyola Marymount University, USA

"As a Hindu scholar committed to his cultural roots Arvind Sharma presents . . . the true essentials of a multifaceted tradition that has proven its practical life-value over thousands of years . . . an excellent introduction."  Klaus K. Klostermaier, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of Manitoba, USA

Arvind Sharma

ARVIND SHARMA was born in Varanasi, India. He earned a B.A. in History, Economics, and Sanskrit from Allahabad University in 1958 and continued his interests in economics at Syracuse University, earning an M.A. in 1970. Pursuing a lifelong interest in comparative religion, Dr. Sharma gained an M.T.S. in 1974 and then a Ph.D. in Sanskrit and Indian Studies from Harvard University in 1978. He succeeded to the Birks Chair of Comparative Religion at McGill University in Montreal, Canada and was the first Infinity Foundation Visiting Professor of Indic Studies at Harvard University. He has published over fifty books and five hundred articles in the fields of comparative religion, Hinduism, Indian philosophy and ethics, and the role of women in religion. Widely cited as an authority on Hinduism, amongst his most note-worthy publications are The Hindu Gita: Ancient and Classical Interpretations of the Bhagavadgita (1986), The Experien-tial Dimension of Advaita Vedanta (1993), Our Religions: The Seven World Religions Introduced by Pre-eminent Scholars from Each Tradition (1994), The Philosophy of Religion: A Buddhist Perspective (1995), Classical Hindu Thought: An Introduction (2000), and The Study of Hinduism (2003).

Arvind Sharma was the convener of the Global Congress on World's Religions held in Montreal in September 2006 and is currently engaged in promoting the adoption of a Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the World's Religions.

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