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K. Seethapathi International Finance : K. Seethapathi : Vision Books : Book (ISBN: 8170944449)
Pages: 272
Price: Rs. 495
Format: Paperback
ISBN13/10: / 8170944449
Availability: Yes
Published in 2001
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New Challenges and Opportunities in International Finance

In the liberalized global economy, trade and capital flows are freer than ever before. For a newly liberalizing developing country like India, this throws up many challenges and opportunities:

  • How to protect and increase its share of international trade.

  • How to raise foreign direct investments to boost economic growth.

  • How to attract international portfolio investments.

Then, too, the increased linkages among world economies mean that few countries can expect to remain untouched by financial crises in other parts of the world. The Asian tigers went through precisely such a turmoil in the late 1990s. This book brings together a team of experts who provide an integrated view of the emerging challenges and opportunities in international finance.


  • FDI in developing countries: What India needs to do; FEMA — A timely facilitator for FDI?

  • The globalization trend in portfolio investment: Perspective of international institutional investors.

  • Post-Seattle WTO: Trade opportunities and challenges for India.

  • Exchange rate management: Managing the sliding rupee amidst fiscal deficit; Are lower interest rates the best answer?

  • Risk management: In search of new tools; coming to grips with hedge accounting.

  • Uncovered interest arbitrage: Are low-interest rate foreign currency loans really cheaper for Indian corporates?.

Here is a cutting-edge book both for finance professionals and
advanced students.

K. Seethapathi

K. Seethapathi (b. 1954), the editor of this book of the ICFAI-Vision Finance Series, holds a Masters Degree in Physics (1976) from Andhra University. His other qualifications include CAIIB from IIB (Indian Institute of Bankers, Mumbai) and CTM (Certified Treasury Manager) from Association of Certified Treasury Managers.

Mr. Seethapathi has rich and multifaceted experience in banking for over 22 years. He worked as a forex dealer and manager in International Division (Mumbai), Andhra Bank and also in Forex Department at their Corporate Office. He also worked as Senior Manager (Forex) in Vysya Bank Ltd., at their Corporate Office, Bangalore. He is the Associate Dean of ICFAI. He is also Member-Secretary of the Association of Certified Treasury Managers, an affiliate of ICFAI. He is the Consulting Editor of Treasury Management, a monthly magazine brought out by ICFAI Press. He offers training programs in Treasury and Forex area

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