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More Equal than Others
A Study of the Indian Left
Ravi Shanker Kapoor More Equal than Others : Ravi Shanker Kapoor : Vision Books : Book (ISBN: 8170943817)
Pages: 168
Price: Rs. 280
Format: Hardcover
ISBN13/10: / 8170943817
Availability: Yes
Published in 2000
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Who are the Indian Leftists? Why are communist leaders like Harkishan Singh Surjeet and Sitaram Yechury considered so important though the Indian Left parties are numerically not very strong in Parliament? Why is it that the most extravagant claims of the Leftists pass off as gospel truth and their kinky theories as well-known facts? Where do the Leftists derive their authority from?

More Equal Than Others seeks to answer such questions and analyzes why the influence of the Indian Left is disproportionately greater than its electoral strength. Ravi Shanker Kapoor asserts that a purely political study will not help understand the tremendous intellectual hegemony of the Left; one has to look beyond politics. The author thus delves into art, culture, cinema, literature, academics, and the media to map the pervasive influence the Indian Left wields. He probes into the antics and pranks of aristocratic socialists, elitist Left-libbers, and pinkish teenybopper intellectuals: how they revel in controversies like the ones caused by Hussain’s nude Saraswati and the movie Fire; how they manufacture consent and ostracize dissent; and how they collaborate with the Establishment, their professed radicalism notwithstanding.

More Equal Than Others is the first critical study of the Indian Left. And while the author’s criticism of the Left is scathing, he is equally unsparing of the Indian Right which, he holds, suffers from "downright cerebral poverty".

Both the general reader and the academic will find the book equally stimulating and useful for the insights it contains. Kapoor combines erudition with readability and discernment with wit. The result is a book which is engaging and thought-provoking without being abstruse.

Ravi Shanker Kapoor

Ravi Shanker Kapoor did BA (Hons) Mathematics from Hansraj College, Delhi University, in 1985. He has worked with The Asian Age, The Financial Express, and MetroNow.

He is the first self-proclaimed conservative of India. As a member of the Centre for National Renaissance, he started www.indiaright.org, India's first conservative website. He has written two other hard-hitting books, More Equal Than Others: A Study of the Indian Left and Failing the Promise: Irrelevance of the Vajpayee Government.

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