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How to Profit from Mega Return Stocks

Tejaswy Nandury

How to discover and profit from stocks that can make you a fortune. ..more

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Armchair Investing
Making Money in Stocks — Simplified (2nd Edition)

Aditya Shroff
A simple and safe method for Indian investors to make money in the stock market..

". . . Interesting, reader friendly and very educative." B.K. Birla, Chairman, B.K. Birla Group of Companies ..more

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How I Make Money in Trading – and How You Can, Too!
Vijay Gupta

This book reveals the money-making methods of a doctor turned self-taught stock market trader. ..more

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How I Made $2 Million in the Stock Market
The Darvas System for Stock Market Profits

Nicolas Darvas
New Page 1

How I Made $2 Million in the Stock Market is an extraordinary book. It tells one of the most unusual success stories in the history of the stock market.


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Stock Picking Simplified
2nd Edition

Aditya Shroff
How to choose the right stocks to invest in — easily and quickly.

"Interesting, reader friendly and very educative." B.K. Birla, Chairman, B.K. Birla Group of Companies ..more

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Swing Trading
A Guide to Profitable Short-Term Investing

Marc Rivalland
"You can make far greater profits (by trading) swings than in any other way" W. D. Gann, Legendary Trader ..more

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How to Make a Fortune through Mutual Funds
Hunt with the Hounds

Ashu Dutt
This book reveals how you can make extraordinary returns from mutual funds — far beyond the steady index parity trot most investors are used to. ..more

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How to Make a Fortune through Multibaggers
The Beanstalk Does Grow to the Sky

Ashu Dutt , Anav Dutt
The book reveals the extreme power laws and secrets of multibagger investing. It also shows how to apply second level thinking to make a fortune through multibaggers. ..more

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Shares for Investment and Wealth
A Guide to Investing Wisely in the Stock Market

Raghu Palat
Bestseller! 3rd Edition

"Simple and easy to follow with numerous illustrations. Useful and well written." — The Times of India  ..more

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Wall Street and Witchcraft
An Investigation into Extreme and Unusual Investment Techniques

Max Gunther
Some investors play the market in ways that seem weird to the rest of us — but they win! There are those who use astrology, tarot cards, witchcraft, magic squares, and other occult practices. Crazy? Maybe. Yet every single one of them is rich. Come, meet them. ..more

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All About the P/E
Keith Anderson
A comprehensive handbook on the intricacies of P/E and how you can improve the price-earnings ratio to boost your stock returns. ..more

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The Dividend Investor
How to maximise your income by investing in shares

Rodney Hobson
This book shows you how to get regular income plus capital appreciation from shares. Packed with real-life examples, it provides a complete roadmap for profiting from dividend shares. ..more

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14 Wealth-Building Secrets of Value Investing
Ashu Dutt

"Unlocking riches that lie beyond the traditional measures of value . . . for once-in-a-lifetime returns!"


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Investing Ratios Made Simple
A Beginner's Guide to the Key Financial Ratios

Robert Leach
Explains in a simple, easy-to-read style how you can use financial ratios to help you pick the right shares to invest in. ..more

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The Guts & Glory of Day Trading
True Stories of Day Traders Who Made (or Lost) $1,000,000

Mark Ingebretsen
Extraordinary true stories of twelve ordinary people who became millions through day trading. . . . Lessons and inspiration for aspiring day trading millionaire.

"An excellent successor to Jack Schwager's Market Wizards"Zhiwu Chen ..more

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The Zulu Principle
Making Extraordinary Profits from Ordinary Shares

Jim Slater
This book is a modern investment classic and an international bestseller.

"Innovative, imaginative, original and fresh with sophisticated investment methods made to seem simple and glaringly obvious — if only you'd thought of them before"Sunday Times, London ..more

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The Midas Touch
The strategies that have made Warren Buffett the world's most successful investor

John Train

Investment Classic

This is the book that tells readers how to invest like the man with "the Midas Touch". Warren Buffett is the most successful investor alive — the only member of the Forbes 400 to have earned his fortune entirely through investing.


 Price: Rs. 325.00
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Investing Rules from the Masters
Money-Making Lessons from 105 of the World’s Top Experts

Philip Jenks , Stephen Eckett
Lessons from 105 of the world's top investment experts in the form of concise, ready-to-use rules for investing safely and profitably in stocks, mutual funds, bonds, etc. in varying market conditions and situations.

"A most useful book" —The Sunday Telegraph, U.K. ..more

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