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  Stock Market  

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Fundamental Analysis for Investors
How to make consistent, long-term profits in the stock market (4th Edition)

Raghu Palat
How to make steady, consistent profits in the stock market based on well informed and information-backed decisions.

"A priceless primer"Business Today ..more

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Armchair Investing
Making Money in Stocks — Simplified (2nd Edition)

Aditya Shroff
A simple and safe method for Indian investors to make money in the stock market..

". . . Interesting, reader friendly and very educative." B.K. Birla, Chairman, B.K. Birla Group of Companies ..more

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How to Profit from Mega Return Stocks

Tejaswy Nandury

How to discover and profit from stocks that can make you a fortune. ..more

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शेयर बाजार में कैसे नुकसान से बचें और धनवान बनें
Share Bazaar Me Kaise Nuksan Se Bacheinen Aur Dhanwan Banen

प्रसेनजीत पॉल
अंग्रेजी की सर्वाधिक बिकने वाली पुस्तक "How to Avoid Loss and Earn Consistently in the Stock Market" का हिन्दी संस्करण, भारतीय उदाहरणों सहित। ..more

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Stock Picking Simplified
2nd Edition

Aditya Shroff
How to choose the right stocks to invest in — easily and quickly.

"Interesting, reader friendly and very educative." B.K. Birla, Chairman, B.K. Birla Group of Companies ..more

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The New Power Laws of Personal Finance

Ashu Dutt , Anav Dutt
The next 10 years will be nothing like the previous 10. To grow rich, and stay rich, you need to master the new power laws of personal finance. ..more

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The Rich Investor
How to Avoid Common Investing Mistakes and Build Wealth

Arjun Parthasarathy
How to avoid common investing mistakes — and grow rich. ..more

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How to Make a Fortune through Multibaggers
The Beanstalk Does Grow to the Sky

Ashu Dutt , Anav Dutt
The book reveals the extreme power laws and secrets of multibagger investing. It also shows how to apply second level thinking to make a fortune through multibaggers. ..more

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Shares for Investment and Wealth
A Guide to Investing Wisely in the Stock Market

Raghu Palat
Bestseller! 3rd Edition

"Simple and easy to follow with numerous illustrations. Useful and well written." — The Times of India  ..more

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Profitable Investing in Volatile Markets
Industry Professionals Reveal the Secrets of Profiting in Turbulent Markets

Top Investment Managers
Secrets of profitable investing and trading in volatile times, when sentiment rather than valuations becomes the main driver in the market.

"Real world advice from real experts" ..more

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Advanced Approaches to Stock Selection
Bruner Ross Paul
Packed with contemporary research findings and practices, this book breaks new ground in thinking about the stock selection process in more robust ways and from a number of different perspectives. ..more

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