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List of Abbreviations

Early Life

  1. Early Life

  2. Career in the Indian Army

  3. Second World War (1939-1945)

  4. French Indo-China

  5. Partition of India and Marriage

    Indian Army After Partition

  6. Life After Partition

  7. 4th Gwalior Infantry

  8. Life in the Battalion

  9. The Hell Division and Dalhousie

  10. Defence Services Staff College, Wellington (Nilgiris)

  11. Commanding 14 Kumaon (Gwalior)

  12. Family Life in 14 Kumaon

  13. Army Headquarters, New Delhi

    Invasion by the Dragon

  14. India-China Border Dispute on the Himalayan Frontier

  15. Battle Preparedness in the Ladakh Sector

  16. The Dragon Strikes in Ladakh

  17. The Himalayan Division

  18. The Battle of Chushul

    Higher Command, Staff Appointments and
    Birth of A New Nation

  19. Staff and Higher Command

  20. EGOC 25 Infantry Division

  21. Chief of Staff, HQ 15 Corps

  22. Prelude to the Break-up of Pakistan

  23. The Birth of Bangladesh

  24. Operation Cactus Lilly

  25. General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Western Command

    The Indian Army under General T.N. Raina, MVC

  26. COAS Indian Army

  27. National Emergency, 1975

  28. Operational Readiness of the Indian Army

  29. Innovative Planning for the Future

  30. Welfare and Improvement in Service Conditions

  31. Indian Army since Independence

  32. Adventure Training in the Army

  33. Higher Defence Organization

  34. Farewell to Arms

    Dedication to the Regiment

  35. Colonel of the Regiment

  36. A Son in His Fathers Footsteps

    Military and Diplomacy

  37. Armed Forces and International Relations

  38. The Last Post