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Part I. You!

What about All Those Personal Finance Rules You Have Been Told About? -- Chuck Them                                                        

You May Be the Biggest Risk to Your Personal Finance                          

Protect Yourself from Yourself                                                              

You Cannot Have a Personal Financial Plan Unless                               

You Are True to Yourself                                                                     

Are You on a Never Ending Cycle of Slavery?                                        

Why Would I Forsake Youth, Beauty for Getting by in Old Age?                                                                                     

At All Costs, Avoid a Life of Quiet Desperation                                    

It's About You and You Alone                                                             

Ensure Your Cash Flow                                                                       

Choose Your Spouse Very Carefully                                                     

Postpone Getting Married Before You Ensure Your Passive Cash Flow                                                                        

Postpone Getting into Buying a House                                                 

Buying a House is Not a Top Priority                                                   

Develop an Alternate Fun Career                                                          

There is a Time to Have Fun and That's When Your Money is Best Spent                                                                    

Don't Tell Anyone About Your Money                                                

Keep 25% of Your Money in an Account / Investment That No One Knows of                                                                        

Yes, You Can Be Rich! Very Rich! But Stick to My Rules                      

Preserve What You Have                                                                      

You Must Plan for Breaking up With Your Spouse                               

How Do You to Protect Your Assets                                                    

You Will See More Extreme Events in Your Life Than You Think                                                                                  

Your Fidelity is Way Lower Than Past Generations                               

Writing a Will                                                                                     

Three Generations                                                                                

Keep a Budget for Litigation Expenses                                                  

Keep a Cash Chest for Medical Expenses                                              

You Don't Age Gracefully                                                                    

Drinking Budget                                                                                  

Sheep in Tiger Skin                                                                              

Think of Leaving Some Money Abroad                                                 

Money Must Come Out When You Crush the Cane                            

Sitting in Cafe's is Not About Generating Money                                  

Don't Do What You Like But What You Have the Competence for

Never Ever Put Your Own Money in Starting a Business                        

Make Sure Your Paperwork is Airtight                                                  

Take Some Risks                                                                                  

Don't Make Decisions for the Next 50 Years Based on How Life Has Been in the Past 5 Years                                             

Think of Personal Finance in Terms of Time Not Money                       

Your Current Status on Personal Finance is Like a Hamster in the Circle Show Me!                                                                                            

Luck Plays a Big Role in Personal Finance                                             

Don't Screw up Your Early Years -- Fortune is a Fickle Lady                                                                                        

Low Income is a Sure Way of Getting Stuck in a Never Ending Cycle of Misery                                                                        

Don't Ask Others about Your Ideas                                                      

Go Back 10 Years and You Will Know Why the Next 10 Years Will Look Nothing Like Today                                               

Don't Read Too Much About the Long Term from Recent Events                                                                                      

Part II. The Family!                                                                          

Family, Oh, My Loving Family!                                                            

Marriage is Not About Love or Lust                                                      

More than Any Past Generation, You Will Have to Be Constantly Pleasing Your Spouse -- and That is Expensive

No Money, No Honey -- and Grumpy Children                                    

Spouses May Not Stay Around Till Death Do Apart                             

Children Are Not Going to Take Care of You                                       

Don't Create a Sense of "Endowment" in Your Children                      

Don't Create Unhappiness in Your Children by Leaving Too Much Property     

Your Children Don't Have to Be a Part of Your Business                      

Be Ready for Switching of House Financing Between Spouses                

Your Income / Her Income But Not Our Income -- Plan for Being a Single Parent        

Perpetual Children                                                                               

Think of Children Returning to Live With You Again at 40 or 50 -- Marx Socialism Funded by Capitalism       

Your Children Will Want You to Pay Higher Fees                                

Keeping Up With the Jones's                                                               

If Your Children are Good, Why Save; If Your Children are Bad, Why Save      

Don't Buy Crutches for Your Children                                                 

When You or Family Live Abroad                                                        

When Your Children Live Abroad                                                        

Family Members with Different Citizenships                                         

Parents Need Your Money                                                                    

Send Kids to Schools Because They Will Make    the Right Connections           

Family Business Means You Need to Give Financial Shelter to Family Members 

"It Was My Father's Wish or My Mother's Wish"                                 

Money Almost Always Spoils Relationships                                          

You Are Not Obligated to Take Care of Anyone                                   

Get Your Children Out of Your House                                                

You Need Money Even for Your Own Family to Respect You               

Who Are You Trying to Impress                                                           

Part III. Earnings, Spendings and Savings                                       

Just How Difficult It is to Save                                                             

You Will See Many More Ups and Downs in Your Earning Capacity than You Think    

Plan for Being Out of a Job for Longer Stretches Than Before                

Use the Corporation                                                                            

Don't Mortgage Your Future by Getting into Debt                               

Just How Difficult It is for You to Save                                                

Your House is Not an Investment                                                         

You Don't Have to Save for Your Children                                          

What about Inflation                                                                           

You Don't Need to Save for Your Medical Expenses                             

Get a Second Income                                                                           

Get Out of Enslavement                                                                       

Don't Look at Your Income as a Trend Line But as a Leaping Leopard           

Born in Adversity? Tough Luck                                                             

Use Every Booster You Can Get                                                           

Take Jobs That Take You to the Next Stage                                          

Be Very Very Careful of Borrowing or Being in Debt                             

No Amount of "Busy Work" Will Increase Your Income or Your Investment Retur       

Does Personal Finance Apply Only to Salaried People?                          

What About Taxes?                                                                              


Why Buying a House Makes No Sense Whatsover                                 

Cash is the Best Way to Hold Savings Unless Everyone Else is Sinking           

Credit Rating                                                                                       

Never Undertake a Business That Cannot Generate Cash to Sustain Itself          

Don't Mortgage Your Home for a Business                                           

Cash Heavy in Feel Good Times and Zero Cash in Crappy Times          

Take a Salary Even if It is Your Own Business                                       

Dealing With Assets and Investments in Many Countries                      

Dealing With Reported and Unreported Wealth                                   

Heath Care Will Wipe You Out                                                          

  Avoid Any Instalments and Debts                                                         

Part IV. Investing                                                                              

Investing is All About Return, Risk and Time                                       

Shapes and Sizes of "Financial Products"                                               

What Kind of a Person Are You?                                                          

Just How Difficult is It for You to Earn Anything on What You Save           

The High Return Choices You Have                                                     

There is Money in Passive Investing and Trading                                    

Invest at the Source                                                                              

What are You Really Doing With Your Money?                                    

Investment Popularity is Inversely Proportional to the Returns You Will Make  

Why Regular Investing Plans are Nothing but Regular Commission Earning Scheme      

Multiple Shavings of Your Returns -- The Many Layers of Commissions or Fees You Pay

Tax Planning                                                                                        

Investing Has to be Based on Where the Market is                                

Where and When Should You Invest                                                   

Never Be in Anything That Requires "Regular Investing"                        

Always Be in a Dividend Payout Plan                                                    

Beware Insurance Products Masquerading as Investments                       

Don't Be Stuck with Illiquid Real Estate                                              

At Least 2% to 5% of Your Money Should Be in Gold                         

Keep 1% of Your Money in an Exchange Currency                               

Don't Buy Products That Lock You in for 10 to 15 Years                     

You Can Save Regularly But Must Not Invest Regularly                         

Timing Your Investments is the Only Way You Can Save Yourself from Being Fooled into Parting with Your Money                                                                                 

You Just Have to Understand How Investing Works                             


No Single Style Fits All Kinds of Investing                                            

Experimentation is Not Failure -- Try Stocks, Commodities, Gold, Trading, Investing                                                

Are You Speculating or Investing?                                                         

More Than Once in Your Life You Will Invest in Things That You Don't Understand                                                                

All Underlying Investments Have Cycles -- Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate                                                                               

Focus on Not Running Out of Money at a Stage in Your Life When You Cannot Earn Anymore                                    

What Does Well Today Will Not Do Well in the Future                      

Why Have Things Done Well -- is It a Superior Method or Being at the Right Place at the Right Time or a Fluke?                                                                                           

Averaging is Exactly the Way to Screw Yourself Up                               

The Long Term is a Series of Short Terms                                             

The Fallacy of the Long Term Argument                                               

If the Sources of Returns are Not Around, How Can                            
Advisors Give You the Long Term Spiel                                                

Why a Mutual Fund or Insurance Company will Never Beat a Smart Investor or Trader                                                            

Will You Invest in the "Worst Performing Funds"?                               

There are Times You Have to Trade and There are Times You Have to Invest                                                               

What If?                                                                                              

Diversification is Not What You Understand it to be                            

Even Mutual Funds Have to Be Timed                                                 

What Do You Need to Buy in Insurance and When                              

What Do You Need to Buy in Investments and When                          

The Only Investments You Need                                                          

Part V. Of Salesmen and Financial Products                                   

Doctors Need Experience, Teachers Need Experience, But Financial Salesmen . . .                                                                  

Who Feeds These Hundreds of Thousands of Salesmen? -- You! Of Course!                                                                               

The Salesman is Around to Sell But Disappears When Markets Don't Deliver                                                                

The Anatomy of a Financial Salesman or a "Financial Planner"                                                                            

Why There are So Many Young People Selling Financial Products                                                                               

What Does This Kid Know That You Don't?                                        

Investment Advice is Very Expensive and It is Not Available to Individual Investors                                                           

Financial Planning is Humbug -- You Cannot Plan for an Uncertain Future                                                                       

What about Insurance                                                                          

Continuous Adjustment to Your Plans to Adjust to the Changing Times is the Only Way to Deal with Personal Finance                                                                          

Products are Adjusted to the Colour of the Season, Not Your Needs                                                                                   

Conventional Financial Planning is Nothing but Record Keeping                                                                             

You Cannot Plan for Your Retirement or Your Child's Education -- You Can Only Make Short Term Plans                                                                        

Plans by Nature Must Be for the Immediate or Short Term                                                                                     

Returns Happen in Short Spurts                                                          

The More the Intermediaries, the Less Your Money Works for You                                                                                     

You Tell Me Your Fears and Desires, and I Will Show You a Package with the Right Labelling                                                 

Products are Designed to Be "Sold" to You Not to Be "Owned" by You                                                                             

There are No Auto Pilots in Personal Finance                                       

Most Information You Are Hearing is Irrelevant if Not Downright Misleading                                                                

Your Advantage Over Those Who You Give Your Money to Manage                                                                        

What about Insurance                                                                          

Child Plans                                                                                          

Alchemy -- the Entire Business of Financial Products is a "Show Paradise and Stick the S . . . t on the Client"                             

How Competent is the Financial Planner                                              

Be Clear About What Each Financial Product Does for You                                                                                       

What were People Doing with Their Money 50 Years Ago (or 100 Years Ago)?                                                                       

You Cannot Be in the 12th Grade of Personal Finance without Going to 1st Grade                                                                 

Financial Product Creation and Selling is Timed to Benefit the Producer                                                                        

Mutual Funds, Brokers, Financial Planners are Not Your Friends                                                                                        

The Entire Financial Services Business is Parasitical in Nature                                                                                             

Useless Products Being Sold as Useful                                                  

Part VI. Alchemy and Other Personal Finance Fantasies               

Personal Finance Books are Taking You to Some La La Land Fairy Tale That Neither Exists or Applies to You                                                                                

Financial Products are Designed to Skim Investors                                

Personal Finance is Dynamic and Contextual                                        

Your Challenge is to Deal with Misinformation                                    

Don't Get Fooled by the Map                                                              

Most Investment Product Sponsors are Not Even Around in Your Lifetime                                                                      

There is No Way to Learn to Win Unless You Lose Frequently                                                                                   

Part VII. Now Bloom! Earn More, Spend More, Save More! And Light Up Your Investments   

Take 2 to 3 Hours a Week to Think about New Ways of Increasing Your Income Exponentially                                              

Fortune Favours Those Who Put Away Some of Their Money to Find New Worlds                                                                 

What Do You Do With Your Business                                                 

Unlock Your Value                                                                              

Brand Yourself                                                                                     

Bring in a Financial Brand                                                                    

You Will Have to Build Your Personal Finance Puzzle a Number of Times in a Lifetime                                                          

Stay Away from Comfort Zones                                                            

If Your Idea is Not Working, Kill It and Move on                                 

Grab Opportunities When They Come                                                

Most of Your Big Money Will Be Made in Very Short Spurts                                                                                        

Leopard or a Cow? -- Don't Pursue Money with Blinkers On                                                                                 

Take up Jobs Where Income Can Multiply Exponentially with an Increase in Your Skills and Reputation                                     

Enhance Your Network and You Will Enhance Your Earning Capacity                                                                                  

Think of Changing Your Carrier or Your Line of Work Midway                                                                                  

Skip the Trapping of Motorcycle Ridings and Other Mid-Life Carrier Embarrassments                                                          

Avoid Jobs Which are a Time Driven Ladder                                         

Venture Out and Look for Fortune                                                      

Cut Out the Dead Investments                                                             

Change Your Entry and Exit Points                                                      

Stay Away from Watching Financial TV                                                

Why You are the Last Mile Holding the Garbage                                   

Why Brokers Make Money When You Act Silly                                    

Why Mutual Funds Cannot Beat Markets                                             

Understand the Bottom Line of Investment Products                            

Timing is Everything                                                                            

Access to Quality Information or Investment Vehicles                           

Do It Yourself                                                                                      

What is Risk?                                                                                       

Risk and Return are Not Related                                                          

Risk and Reward                                                                                  

The Devil Takes the Hindmost                                                             

Relationship with Your Parents                                                            

Relationship with Your Siblings                                                           

Don't Waste Time on Charities                                                            

We Destroy What We Create                                                               

Question Established Conventions                                                       

Ambition without Money is Just a Hobby                                            

Pursuing What You Love Usually Ends up with Working Odd Jobs at Some Point                                                                      

You Can Be Derailed at Home and at Office                                         

Develop Some Ancillary Skills to Sustain Yourself                                 

Life is a Bouncing Ball, Not a Straight Line Heading North                   

All of Personal Finance Will Go for a Toss if You Enter into an Affair                                                                                       

Your Mental Health is Going to Impact the State of Your Personal Finance                                                                      

Be Prepared for Losing It All and Starting Again                                    

My Money, Your Money, Our Money                                                   

Avoid False Dreams for Your Children                                                 

Dealing with Inherited Wealth                                                             

Come out of Your Father's Shadow                                                     

Don't Look for Others to Blame                                                          

So Where Do You Put Your Money                                                     

Don't Save, Increase Your Income                                                        

Don't Be Fooled into Believing You Will Make It -- 99% Start-ups Fail and Send People Back to Boring  Jobs                              

Men and Women are Different                                                             

Keep Information in Compartments Where the Whole is Only Known to You                                                                         

Who You are Decides What Your Personal Finances Will Eventually Look Like                                                                    

What Kind of Life Do You Want?                                                        

Plan But Update                                                                                  

Working for Others versus Working for Yourself                                   

Scaleable Business and How Much to Remove                                      

Youth and Beauty are God's Most Precious Gifts                                  

Think of the Opportunity Cost                                                            

Is Your Time Whiled Away in Twitter, Facebook?                                 

Find a Second Job                                                                               

Remove the Weeds from Your Past                                                       

Insurance is Not Investing and Buying Insurance Products is a "Bad" Idea