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List of Abbreviations

Trading and Technical Analysis

Chapter 1. Introduction

- Some Common Myths Clarified
- Stock Market Home Truths

Chapter 2. Risk and Time Relationship

Chapter 3. Know Your Trading Profile

- First Know Yourself, then Enter the Market

Chapter 4. Importance of Controlling Emotions

Chapter 5. Types of Market Analyses

- Fundamental Analysis
- Technical Analysis

Chapter 6. Introduction to Technical Analysis

Chapter 7. Share Prices and Chart Time Periods

- Price Fields
Utility of Price Fields
- Selecting the Right Time Period Chart for Your Profile

Chapter 8. Types of Price Charts

- Line Chart
Bar Chart
- Candlestick Charts

Chapter 9. Important Lessons from the Dow Theory

- Basics of Dow Theory

Chapter 10. Trading the Trend

- Up Trend
- Down Trend
- Sideways Trend
- How to Trade a Sideways Trend

Chapter 11. Trends and Trend Lines

- Trends
- Validity and Confirmation of Trend Lines
- Support and Resistance

Chapter 12. Volume

Chapter 13. Consolidation and Correction

- Price Correction or Consolidation
- Time Correction

Chapter 14. Trading Strategies Using Moving Averages

- Relationship Between a Trader's Profile and MA Time Period
- Types of Commonly Used MAs
- Interpretation of Moving Averages
- Buy Strategies
- Sell Signal Strategies
- Sangam (Confluence) Strategy

Chapter 15. Trading Candlestick Patterns

- Basic Types of Candles
- Important Levels in a Candle
- Interpretation of Candlesticks
- Neutral Candlestick Patterns
- Trading Neutral Candlestick Patterns
- Bullish Candlesticks and Patterns
- Bearish Candlestick Formations

Chapter 16. Trading Price Patterns

- Price Discounts Everything
- Advantages of Price Patterns
- Types of Price Patterns
- Which Price Patterns Work Best On Which Charts
- Reversal Patterns

Reversal Patterns at the Top
- Head and Shoulders Pattern
- Double Top Formation Pattern
- Triple Top Formation Pattern
- Downward Trend Change Breakout

Reversal Patterns at the Bottom
- Inverted Head and Shoulders Pattern
- Double Bottom Formation
- Triple Bottom Formation Pattern
- Rounding Bottom Formation Pattern
- Upward Trend Change Breakout Pattern
- Listing Breakout Pattern

Continuation Patterns
- Up Flag Formation
Down Flag Formation

Chapter 17. Trading Oscillators

- Range Bound Oscillators
- Centred Oscillator: Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)
- Interpretations of Oscillators
- Key Points about Oscillators

Chapter 18. Risk Management

- Implementing Risk Management

Chapter 19. Your Trading Plan

Chapter 20. Risk to Reward Ratio

Chapter 21. Money Management

- Maintaining a Balance between Risk and Reward
- Giving Priority to Managing Risk

Chapter 22. How to Stay Calm While Trading

Technical Trading Course

Chapter 23. Trade Selection Ready-Reckoner: How to Select the Stocks to Trade

- Rules for Filling in the Trade Selection Ready-Reckoner

Chapter 24. Step-by-Step Trading Guide

- Select Your Profile
- A Word About Technical Analysis Software

Step-by-Step Trading Guide
- Step 1. Update Data
- Step 2. Running the Scanner
- Step 3. Trade Analysis

Chapter 25. Practice Exercises

Chapter 26. Safe Trading Procedure