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Part 1

Chapter 1: Investing in Stocks and Money Flow

n Investing in Stocks

n Money Flow

n Relative Demand

n Gains and Pitfalls of Investing in Stocks

n Risk

Chapter 2: Analysing the Economy

n Political System

n GDP, Fiscal Deficit and Inflation

n Other Types of Economic Data

n Government and the Central Bank

n Economic Cycle

Chapter 3: Analysing a Sector

n Commodity and Non-Commodity Type Businesses

n Cheat Sheets Growth Drivers, Strengths
and Weaknesses

n Annexure: Example of a Cheat Sheet

Chapter 4: Analysing a Company

n Management

n Liquidity

n Solid Financials

n Growth

Part 2

Chapter 5: Basic Investment Rules

n Buy Growth

n Buy Quality

n Do Not Buy in a Falling Market

n Do Not Buy in an Overheated Market

n Do Not Argue With the Market

n Do Not Buy a Stock Just Because It is Cheap

n Do Not Act on Tips and Rumours Without Adequate Research

n Do Not Act on Expert Advice Available in the Media

n Avoid Herd Behaviour

n Do Not Risk Everything on One Stock

n Book Profit Regularly

n Do Not Average Losers

n Cut Losses Immediately, Let Profits Ride

Chapter 6: Understanding the Stock Market

n Market Participants

n Speculation

n Algorithmic Trading

n Volatility

n Other Financial Terms

Chapter 7: Analysing Money Flow

Part 3

Chapter 8: Putting It All Together

n Macro-economic Conditions

n Money Flow

Part 4

Database of Cheat Sheets

Appendix A: Summary of Cheat Sheet

Sector Groups, Sectors, Industries and Companies

Selected Bibliography