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Introduction: What is Special About This Book?

1. Is Happiness Really Important?

2. Do We Understand Happiness?

n Who am I?

3. Understanding Happiness

4. Traits of Happiness

n Happiness is not the same as physical comfort

n Happiness does not lie in achievements

n Happiness is not only about taking care of others

n Happiness is about stability in adversity and triumph

n Happiness is instant

n 'Good stress' or fear is not necessary to perform well or be happy

n Stress is not natural in today's world

n Happiness can exist 24x7

n Happy thoughts impact us first

n Happiness exists only in the present — Not in the past or future

n No science can define your future, destiny or happiness

n A break from routine does not give you happiness

n Happiness is experienced by expressing and sharing happiness

5. Understanding Your Destiny

n Understanding yourself and setting priorities

n Understanding the soul

n Key attributes of the soul

n Understanding your responsibility

n Understanding the thought to destiny cycle

6. Time for Action

n Define and track your life vitals — Mission, goals and strategy

n Have dreams — and chase them

n Give due importance to the journey

n Tread your own path

n Get inspired and then compete with yourself

n Get out of your comfort zone

n Believe in yourself — you can make a big difference

n Find a way to exit the rat race

n Start giving

n Get close to nature

n Live your core values

n Ask for help

n Challenge your beliefs

n Keep shedding your dependencies

n Prepare for the day . . . every day

n Spend more time, rather than money, on your family

n Get addicted to fitness

n Don't take the guilt — just do your best

n The past has passed

n Physical and emotional health are equally important

n Learn to counsel yourself

n Include spirituality in your life

n Don't judge . . . accept yourself and others as they are

n Accept, not expect

n Life is changing every moment . . . accept the change

n Anger is never justified . . . overcome it

n Make books your best friends

n Eat positive food

n Get organized

n Balance your life

n Why only me?

n Strive for purity

n A healthy breakfast for your mind

n Fast of silence

n A cleansing dinner for your mind

n Express your love and gratitude

7. Take Charge

n The power of happiness is within you

n Happiness is always a choice

n Get set to start your happiness journey


Appendix A: Destiny Cards

Appendix B: Acknowledgements