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Introduction: Secrets of Getting Rich on Low Money Down

1. Why You Should Trade Futures and Options

2. F&O Trading is All About Timing

3. F&O Trading is a Game of Technicals

What You Should Know in Technicals


4. What's It Going to Be? Futures or Options?

Buying Futures, Buying Options

Buying Short Term and Long Term Options

Buy Puts and Call — Don't Sell Them

Buying Puts

Buying Calls

Buying Futures

Should You Buy Futures or Sell Them?

5. Trading F&Os in Different Market Conditions

Buying in Wild Swings

Buying When Risk Aversion is High

Playing the Bull Market

Playing the Bear Market

Directionless Markets

Playing Range Bound Markets

Playing Intraday Moves

If You Are a Compulsive Trader

Trading a Market Falling Due to Crazy Valuations

Trading a Market Falling Due to Negative News

Trading a Market Rising Due to Increasing Interest

Selling Puts When Risk Aversion is Very High

Trading Accumulation and Distribution

6. Getting On the F&O Track

The Fundamentals Don’t Matter

“Value” Has No "Future" in F&O

What About All the Sophisticated Strategies — "Bull Call Spread",
"Strangle", "Straddles"?

Check the Volume

What Do You Really Want?

Do I Buy the Index or the Stock?

F&O Trading Myths

7. Developing the F&O Trader’s Mindset

Develop an Approach

There is No Trade Worth Chasing

How Much Can You Afford to Lose?

The Psychology of Successful F&O Trading

Minor Changes, Major Results

8. The Golden Rules of F&O Trading

9. Your Checklist For Trading F&Os

Trading Futures

Trading Options

Futures or Options?

10. F&O Trading Secrets

F&Os to Protect Your Portfolio

Your Wealth Will Be Made in a Couple of Trades! Don't Look
to Make Money Everyday!

Trade Futures in the "Body" and Options at the "Tail" of the Price