Table of Contents of the Book: 817094838X

    Trading is Based on Charts
    Are You Suited to be a Trader? -- A Simple Check

Secret # 1: Master the Trading Essentials
    Stop Loss
    Risk Management
    The Head, the Tail and the Body of a Rally
    Trading is Not an Exercise in Logic
    Never Average a Losing Trade
    Don't Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch
    Constantly Manage Your Open Positions
    Understanding the Cycle of Price Rise and Fall
    Types of Market Falls
    You Must Have a Trading Edge

Secret # 2: The Alignment of Price, Volume and Time    
    Leads to Profit

    The Devil in Volumes
    The Manipulated Price Rise

Secret # 3: Watch the Head, Trade the Body, Leave the Tail Alone

Secret # 4: Secrets of Trading Support and Resistance
Breaking through Supports and Resistances
    Why are Supports and Resistance So Important?
    Closing Out a Trade

Secret # 5: The Winning Rules
    Timing Entry and Exit
    'I Doubled My Profits, So I Sell'
    Confusing Perception with Reality
    Money Management
    The Essence of Trading
    Plan a Trade and Trade a Plan
    Mastering Your Trades

Secret # 6: Why Stocks Rise
    Is There a 'Supply Choke'?  

Secret # 7: Why Stocks Fall

Secret # 8: The How, When and What of a Trade
    What Kind of a Trader Are You?
    How to Trade Like a Master
    Trading Only High Probability Opportunities
    Never Over-trade
    Find a Shoe That Fits Your Size
    Timing the Markets
    Your Trade Should Fit the Type of Stock You are Trading
    How Many Open Trades at a Time?

Secret # 9: The Art of Reading Charts
    Candlestick Charts
    Overbought / Oversold Overload
    Gaps in Candlestick Charts
    Weekly Charts -- For a Longer Trading Position
    Using Hourly Charts
    The Different Types of Trading
    Be With the Stock On the ' West Side' and Let it Go On the 'East Side'

Secret # 10: The Stop Loss
Don't Let the Leak Become a Flood
    Using Stop Losses Based on Resistance and Support
    How to Avoid Stop Losses from Getting Triggered All the Time

Secret # 11: When Staying Out of the Market is More Profitable

Secret # 12: Winning the Game of Odds
Secrets of Open Interest
    Consensus Indicators
    Channel Trading Systems
    Improving Your Odds

Secret # 13: What to Do -- and Not Do When Markets Collapse

Secret # 14: Trading the Different Types of Rallies
Short Covering Rally
    Long Term Rally
    Sectoral Rally

Secret # 15: Never Fight the Market
Don't Trade When You Don't Have Any Edge
    Trading Pitfalls -- and How to Avoid Them

Secret # 16: Buy High, Sell Higher
Going for the Jugular Trade
    Trade With What You Can Afford to Lose
    When Day Trading, Be a Fruit Vendor

Secret # 17: Trading Cycles, Trading Trends
Stages in a Stock's Price Movement

Secret # 18: The Successful Trader's Psychology
Trading Replicates the Behaviour of Fish
    Stop Blaming Others
    Don't Have Preconceived Notions About the Market's Direction
    Reading the Mind of Others Who are Trading Your Stocks

Secret # 19: Golden Rules of Trading

Secret # 20: Mastering a Trade
Controlling Losses Takes Priority Over Making Profits
    How Do You Know Whether Your Trading is Improving?

Secret # 21: Beware the Trading Minefields

Secret # 22: Trading Secrets from the Masters