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1. Should You Start Your Own Web-Based Business?

A Hot Commodity: Shopping Online

Web-Based Businesses — A Brief History

The Benefits of Starting a Web-Based Business

Do You Have What It Takes to Run Your Own Web-Based Business?

Keys to Success

Types of Web-Based Businesses

A Word of Caution: Scams

2. Finding Your Niche

What is a Niche?

What Interests You?


3. Writing Your Business Plan

Step-by-Step: The Finer Points of the Business Plan

4. Before You Open

Equipment You Will Need

Accounting Considerations

Finding Products


Pricing Your Products

Pricing Your Services

Establishing a Return Policy

Determining Shipping Rates

What Not to Do

5. Your Web Site

How to Choose a Domain Name

How to Choose a Web Host

6. Designing Your Web Site

Know the Purpose of Your Web Site

Using a Template

Hiring a Professional Web Designer

7. Securing Your Web-Based Business

Business Insurance

Invest in Anti-Virus Protection

The Fear of Internet Fraud


Show Your Visitors Your Site is Secure

Firewalls: Protecting Your Computer

Popular Firewalls

8. The Importance of Search Engines

Submit Your Web Site to Search Engines

Keep Track of Your Web Visitors

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

9. Creating Powerful Content for Your Web Site

Tips for Writing Powerful Web Content

Should You Hire Someone Else to Write Your Web Content?

10. Marketing Your Web-Based Business

Create a Logo

Write Articles and Submit to Article Directories

Purchase or Create Business Cards

Join Your Local Chamber of Commerce


Join the Better Business Bureau (Online)

Press Releases

Online Forums and Message Boards

Your Signature Line

Banner Advertising

Online Directories



Offer Referral Incentives

Radio Ads

TV Commercials

Newspaper Ads

11. Keeping Your Customers Coming Back Again and Again

Set up Your Own Affiliate Program

Add a Message Board to Your Web Site

Build an Online Community

Offer E-Coupons

Offer Discounts

Hold Contests

E-mail / Online Newsletters


Give Free Samples

Offer a Bonus

Become a Sponsor

Provide Superior Customer Service

12. Merchant Accounts and Customer Payment Options

How to Create a Merchant Account

Shopping Carts

Payment Options

13. Adding a Storefront

eBay Storefront

Yahoo Small Business

Amazon Storefront

14. Hiring Employees

General Management Skills

Screening Job Applicants

Evaluating Employee Performance