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1 Introduction

Who is This Book For

How This Book is Organized

Benefits of Using E-Mail

2 History and Understanding of E-Mail Marketing

Online Marketing

Internet Marketing

E-Mail Marketing

Internet Advertising

Types of Online Advertisements

Understanding Banner Advertising

Static vs Dynamic vs E-mail

E-Mail Marketing vs Spam

3 Introduction to E-Mail Marketing

E-Mail Marketing is Ideal For:

E-Mail Marketing is Not Ideal For (Nor Will It Work For):

E-Mail Abuse and SPAM

E-Mail Marketing Walkthrough

Plan Your E-Mail Marketing Campaign

Target Your Audience and Content

Write and Design Your E-Mail

Set Up Your Online Mail Distribution Method

Review Your E-Mail List

Test Your E-Mail

Schedule Your E-Mail Blast

Send Your E-Mail Blast

Analyze Results


Can-Spam Act

Can-Spam Act Requirements

SPAM Tools

5 Opt-In and Opt-Out

Opt-In and Opt-Out Concepts

6 How to Create and Grow Your E-Mail Lists

Proven Methods to Grow Your E-mail List

How to Keep People from Unsubscribing from Your E-Mail List

7 How to Design an Effective E-Mail Campaign

E-Mail Campaign Basics

Developing an E-Mail Marketing Campaign

HTML vs Text Format

Options for E-Mail Marketing Service Providers

All-in-One E-Mail Marketing Service Providers

E-Mail Marketing Specialists

Mass E-Mail Marketing Software

E-Mail Marketing Director Overview

Who is E-Mail Marketing Director For?

What Can You Do with E-Mail Marketing Director?

Other Mass E-Mail Applications

8 Target and Segment Your Audience

When Not to Use Targeting and Segmentation

When to Use Targeting and Segmentation


Collecting Demographic Data

Maintaining Multiple Lists

Demystifying the Concept of Personalization

9 How to Write an Effective E-Mail

HTML vs Text Format

How to Design an HTML E-Mail

Tools and Advice for Creating Your E-Mail Masterpiece

How to Design a Text Based E-Mail


10 The Subject Line

Basic Rules for Writing Subject Lines

Do's and Don'ts When Creating Your Subject Line

11 When to E-Mail, How Often, and What Time

What Day of the Week is Best to E-Mail

What Time of the Day is the Best to Send E-Mail Campaigns

How to Determine the Frequency for E-Mail Campaigns

12 The Future of E-Mail Marketing

13 Search Engine Optimization

Successful Search Engine Optimization

Meta Tag Definition and Implementation

The Title Tag

The Description Tag

The Keywords Tag

The Robots Tag

Other Meta Tags

ALT Tags

How to Use the Correct Keywords

Optimization of Web Page Content

Optimize Your Web Site

Web Site Optimization Tips, Hints, and Secrets

Web Design and Optimization Suggestions

How Do Search Engines Work?

Using a Search Engine Optimization Company

Search Engine Registration

Search Engine Optimization Checklist

Free Web Site Search Engine Submission Sites

Additional Free Web Site Optimization Tools

Web Site Design and Optimization Tools

14 Summary

Top Reasons to Follow the Guidelines in This Book

15 E-Mail Marketing Case Studies

16 Industry Hints, Tips, and Secrets