Table of Contents of the Book: 8170947472


Editor�s Foreword  Jon Woronoff                                                                9

Acknowledgements                                                                                    10

Abbreviations and Acronyms                                                                       11

Maps                                                                                                           15

Chronology                                                                                                  23

Introduction                                                                                                  37

Encyclopedia Entries                                                                                     71

Appendix A       Chief Executives of British India                                         747

Appendix B       Heads of State of Independent India                                   749

Appendix C       Prime Ministers of India                                                     750

Appendix D       Chief Justices of India                                                        751

Appendix E       Chief Election Commissioners of India                                753

Appendix F       Population of India by State, Gender, and                           754

                               Location, 2001                                                                    

Appendix G       Population of India by State and Religious                          756

                               Affiliation, 2001                                                                  

Appendix H       India�s Political Parties                                                      758

                            Composition of the Lok Sabha by Political Party,            760


Appendix I        India�s Major Economic Reforms 1991�2004                  761

Appendix J        India�s Foreign Trade                                                        768

Glossary                                                                                                     771

Bibliography                                                                                              777