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1. Introduction

Early Lessons

What is a Swing Trade?

What is the Point of Swing Trading?

What Makes a Swing Trader?

Who Swing Trades?

Swing Trading and Charts

The Logic Underlying the Use of Charts

2. Swing Trading in Practice

Selling Short

Normal Service

Linear Phases and How to Spot Them

My Approach

The Tooled-up Swing Trader

3. Gann Swing Charts

W.D. Gann's Secret

Standard Dow Theory Compared to Gann

Change of Trend and Intermediate Swings

Construction of a Gann Swing Chart

4. Modified Swing Charts


Faults with the Gann Swing Chart

Modification 1 — 'Get in Early'

Modification 2 — 'If the Third Day is an Outside Day,
It is Part of the Correction'

Modification 3 — 'Relax the Requirement for Three
Consecutive Days'

Modification 4 — 'Count Trading Days Only'

Buy and Sell Signals

Change of Trend Signals

Continuation of Trend Signals

Problem Areas


5. Swing Charting Tactics

My Approach

Profit Maximisation Techniques

A. Stop Losses

B. Setting Profit Targets

C. Linear Phases

Trading All the Swings

6. Point & Figure Charts



7. Point & Figure Signals


The Signals

The Double Top and Double Bottom

The Bullish Signal

The Bearish Signal

The Bearish Signal Reversed

The Bullish Signal Reversed


The Triple Top

The Ascending Triple Top

The Spread Triple Top

The Triple Top with Long Tail

The Bull Trap

The Catapult

The Triple Bottom

The Descending Triple Bottom

The Spread Triple Bottom

The Triple Bottom with Long Tail

The Long Tail Down

The High Pole

My Evaluation

My Favourite Point & Figure Signals

The Triple Top with Rising Lows

The Triple Bottom with Lower Highs

The Bearish or Bullish Shakeout

The Whipsaw

8. Point & Figure Tactics

Choose the Right Security

When to Take Profits

Don't Trade Every Chart Formation You See

Reliability of Point & Figure Charts

Tailpiece 1

Tailpiece 2

9. Integrating Point & Figure and Swing Charts

Integrating P&F Charts and Swing Charts when Trading Indices

Integrating P&F Charts and Swing Charts when Trading Individual Equities


10. RSI and Other Indicators

An Explanation of RSI

Weekly RSI

Other Indicators

Moving Averages

The Coppock Indicator

Bullish Percent Charts


Relative Strength

11. Tactics for LTBHS

Limited Use of Swing Charts

Using Options and Charts to Enhance Returns


12. Summation

My Approach — A Summary

Mistakes to Avoid

Final Word


Appendix 1 — Construction of a Point & Figure Chart

Appendix 2 — Swing Charting with Rio Tinto

Appendix 3 — Integrating Point & Figure with Swing Charts