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Yaksha Prashna
A Fable from the Mahabharata (Yudhishthira’s Life and Death Dialogue with Yama)
A.V. Srinivasan Yaksha Prashna : A.V. Srinivasan : Vision Books : Book (ISBN: 817094967X)
Pages: 136
Price: Rs. 250
Format: Paperback
ISBN13/10: 9788170949671 / 817094967X
Availability: Yes
Published in 2016
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Table of Contents

Yudhishthira's Life and Death Dialogue with Yama

Much before the epic war has even begun, four of the five Pandava brothers, including the mighty warriors Bhima and Arjuna, lie mysteriously dead by the side of a forest lake. And Yudhishthira finds himself engaged in a life and death dialogue with a Yaksha, a celestial being come to test his readiness for battle and kingship. Yudhishthira must now answer the Yaksha’s questions to the latter’s satisfaction — or himself die.

The dialogue between Yudhishthira, the dharmaraja, and his spiritual father Yama disguised as a Yaksha is an uplifting exposition on the subtle and timeless truths of Vedic philosophy; on eternal values, way of living, the meaning of dharma and right conduct, on qualities of character and correct behavior. It's an inspiring lesson on impeccable living and the meaning and purpose of life and remains as important, as relevant and as uplifting today as it was when Yudhishthira stood by the side of his dead brothers and attempted to meet the Yaksha's fraught challenge.

Yudhishthira's answers have influenced the lives of Hindus through the centuries, and offer us clear guidance when faced with ethical dilemmas. Their message inspires us to stand firm and tall and shape our lives in excellence and truth. 

The fable ends as dramatically as it starts, and is both a wholly satisfying tale and a luminous exposition of the Hindu view of life.


"The simple truths exposed in this beautiful book . . . are the basic lessons of Hinduism . . . on our purpose and place in this universe."  — Sanjay Gupta

A.V. Srinivasan

Amrutur Venkatachar Srinivasan is a popular writer and speaker, who has given courses on India’s epic literature at the University of Connecticut and Wesleyan University. He has published and presented numerous papers on a variety of cultural, social and religious issues in the U.S. and India. 

Born in the village of Amrutur, Kunigal Taluk, in India’s southern state of Karnataka, Dr. Srinivasan had eight years of formal education in Sanskrit, the liturgical language of Hinduism, followed by many years in the U.S. performing a wide variety of Hindu religious ceremonies of worship, weddings and housewarmings. He is a jet engine specialist by profession. 

His publication, The Vedic Wedding: Origin, Tradition and Practice is widely acclaimed and won the USA Book News 2007 Best Book Award in the category of Eastern Religions. Dr. Srinivasan’s other recent books include The Bhagavad Gita: A Thread through the Eighteen Gems and Hinduism for Dummies.

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