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Concise Encyclopedia of Indian Polity & Governance
Subhash C. Kashyap Concise Encyclopedia of Indian Polity & Governance : Subhash C. Kashyap : Vision Books : Book (ISBN: 817094774X)
Pages: 452
Price: Rs. 750
Format: Paperback
ISBN13/10: 9788170947745 / 817094774X
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Published in 2010
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Table of Contents

The principles and structure of India's polity are unique in many ways, built as they are around a combination of important foundational principles laid down in the Constitution, the Indian people's aspirations, and the country's ethos and history.

This pioneering work of reference contains more than 350 alphabetically arranged entries on subjects spanning India's political system — and how it works in practice. The topics covered include the structure and inter-relationships between institutions and organs of the Indian state, the legislature, the executive and the judiciary, the structure and functioning of the government and administration from the national level right down to the level of village panchayats, the manner in which India's political rulers are elected, how governments are formed and political decisions taken, how laws are made and implemented, and much else

In addition, the author's Introduction provides a succinct overview both of India's political system and its evolution, as well as a clear-eyed critique of its working and some important suggestions for its improvement.

Written by an acknowledged expert on the subject, this ready-reference resource is invaluable for all those interested in India's political system and governance; politicians and political activists, students and scholars of political science, journalists and media professionals, legislators and bureaucrats, constitutional experts and lawyers, the judiciary, as well as the informed and active citizenry.

Subhash C. Kashyap

SUBHASH C. KASHYAP is a widely acknowledged and well known constitutional expert. He is also a Supreme Court advocate; consultant in constitutional law, political management and parliamentary affairs; Honorary Research Professor at the Centre for Policy Research; President, Indian National Bar Association, Citizenship Development Society and Rashtriya Jagriti Sansthan; Editor, South Asia Politics (monthly); Chairman, Academy of Grassroots Studies and Research; and is connected with several Indian and foreign institutions, universities, etc.

Dr. Kashyap served as Secretary-General, Lok Sabha (Parliament of India); Member, National Commission to Review the Working of the Constitution and Chairman of its Drafting and Editorial Committee; Honorary Constitutional Adviser to Government of India on PRI Laws; Director, Institute of Constitutional and Parliamentary Studies; Head, CIDP (Inter-Parliamentary Union), Geneva; Member, Board of Directors of International IDEA (Stockholm); Member, Governing Council, Indian Council of Social Science Research; Chairman / Member of several high-level Committees in constitutional, parliamentary and educational fields including the Committee for Selection of the Most Outstanding Parliamentarians, search committees for selection of Vice-Chancellors, etc.; US Congressional Fellow (Washington D. C.); Fellow of the Academy of American and International Law (Dallas), Nehru Fellow, UNDP Fellow, etc.

Dr. Kashyap is the recipient of many honours and awards in India and abroad, including that of Commander of the Honorary Order of the Academy of San Francisco for services to constitutional studies. Author of over 60 prestigious works including the Constitutional Law of India, 2 Vols.; Parliamentary Procedure; History of Parliament, 6 Vols.; Our Political System, Anti- Defection Law, Citizen and Judicial Reforms, Citizen and the Constitution, Concise Encyclopedia of Indian Polity & Governance, etc., he has also edited over 50 volumes and contributed nearly 800 research papers and articles to Indian and foreign journals and national dailies. Several of his works have been translated into Indian and foreign languages. He travels and lectures widely in India and abroad and is frequently interviewed by both Indian and foreign electronic and print media.

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