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The Complete Guide to Day Trading (Out of Stock)
A Practical Manual from a Professional Day Trading Coach
Markus Heitkoetter The Complete Guide to Day Trading (Out of Stock) : Markus Heitkoetter : Vision Books : Book (ISBN: 8170947693)
Pages: 273
Price: Rs. 495
Format: Paperback
ISBN13/10: 9788170947691 / 8170947693
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Table of Contents

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Every day hundreds of millions change hands in the markets, presenting you the perfect opportunity to make significant profits through day trading.

In this bestselling guide, international day trading coach Markus Heitkoetter lays out a simple, proven system for day trading success. From the basic essentials of day trading to the actual process of making money in the markets, he covers it all:

n What is day trading, why day trade, and is it right for you?

n Getting started — setting goals and how to make a plan to achieve them

n How much money should you have to get started

n What you need to get started — the tools, the methods, the mindset

n How to select the best market to trade: derivatives, stocks, forex

n Popular trading approaches — and a 7-step approach to developing your own profitable trading strategy

n The 10 Power Principles of profitable day trading

n Avoiding the 7 common mistakes traders make

n How to get started without risking a single penny

n Bonus Material: Ready-to-use trading plan templates, and checklists.

Loaded with easy-to-use, practical, proven and reliable strategies and guidelines, this book will serve as your own personal day trading profit manual.


"As a former instructor at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange . . . I wish this book were given out by every instructor in our classes."  Neal Weintraub, Professional Author, Trader, and Instructor

"I highly recommend (this book) . . . . It will save you many, many costly mistakes. "  Ryan Jones, Author of The Trading Game: Playing by the Numbers to Make Millions

"If you are interested in day trading, this is definitely a book you must check out before jumping in. Easy to read and understand, entertaining, and right to the point . . . . A great book!"  Francesc Riverola, CEO and Founder of FXstreet.com

"If you're looking for a great trading book that shows you how to profit from a balance of technical tools and usable trading experience lessons, look no further. "  Glen Larson, President and CEO of Genesis Financial Technologies

Markus Heitkoetter

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Markus Heitkoetter began trading in high school, and he's been going strong ever since. Markus started trading using point and figure charts from published numbers in the morning newspaper, mainly with stocks. In 1996, he began developing a number of trading systems by using SuperCharts (which is now TradeStation), MetaStock, OmniTrader, and other software. In 2002, he decided to quit his regular day job as a director at IBM to become a professional trader and moved from Germany to the United States to get started.

In 2005, Markus launched Rokwell Trading® to fill the void of quality education that he saw in the trading industry. As CEO of Rockwell Trading®, Markus Heitkoetter has taught hundreds of investors how to make consistent profits both in the US and around the world.

Throughout his career, Markus has traded everything: stocks, options, futures, commodities, spreads, forex, foreign markets, interest rates, etc. If it's out there, he's probably traded it. In addition, he's traded on a wide variety of different timeframes: ticks, 1-, 3-, and 5-minute, hourly, daily, and weekly.

Markus regularly offers educational webinars for the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange), Eurex, FXstreet, Strategy Runner, and other financial companies; he's also written articles on over 500 websites, and he's become an expert contributor on ezinearticles.com, Yahoo Answers, and FAQTs.com.

Markus currently resides with his wife and two children in Austin, Texas.

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