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Profit in the Futures Markets
Insights and Strategies for Futures and Futures Options Trading
Jake Bernstein Profit in the Futures Markets : Jake Bernstein : Vision Books : Book (ISBN: 8170945208)
Pages: 252
Price: Rs. 395
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 8170945208
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Latest Print in 2009
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For many years the domain of professional fund managers and harried, hand-waving pit traders, was long considered either too risky or too specialized for any but one most professonal investor. However, due to current technology that capitalizes on formerly inaccessible data and research, this vast trading arena holds great promise for those who seek to leverage small investments into substantial gains.

In order to profit, traders need to know about the specific types of analysis, technology, and patterns that can lead to success. Filled with practical tools and techniques for understanding and prospering in the world of futures trading, Profit in the Futures Markets! shows how to use such information to your best advantage. In addition, you will discover how to improve your trading strategies by understanding and building upon your own style and developing a customized plan for success based on your individual needs and abilities.

Investors interested in expanding into the potentially lucrative world of futures need look no further than this easy-to-read, insight-filled guide.

How to operate successfully in the world of futures:

  • The mechanics of futures trading

  • The latest approaches and technical tools to leverage small amounts of cash into sizable investment profits

  • Vehicles for profiting on price swings

  • Advanced strategies and techniques for successful trading

  • For new and seasoned investors alike


“Jake Bernstein is one of the best at putting together the emotions and mechanics of trading”  —Futures Magazine, USA

“This exceptional book fast forwards the learning curve . . . Reward yourself by studying the success model of this master teacher”  —Adrienne Laris Toghraie, Trader’s Success Coach and Coauthor of “The Winning Edge”

“One of the best books I've ever seen on the futures markets! ”  —Rick Bensignor, Chief Technical Strategist, Morgan Stanley

Jake Bernstein

Jake Bernstein is president of MBH Commodity Advisors, Inc. in Northbrook, Illinois, USA. He is recognized internationally as an authority on seasonal and cyclic analysis, computerized trading systems, economic forecasting, long wave cyclical studies and investor psychology. Bernstein has written more than 20 books, including Strategic Futures Trading, The Investor’s Quotient, Seasonal Concepts in Futures Trading, Facts on Futures, Cyclic Analysis in Futures Trading, Why Traders Lose — How Traders Win and Market Masters.. He has been trading since 1968. During the course of his years as a trader, Bernstein has amassed a wealth of knowledge about the qualities that either ensure failure or facilitate success. His personal acquaintance with the trading greats makes this book one of his best. There is no substitute for experience in the quest for success.

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