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Battle Honours of the Indian Army (1757-1971)
Maj. Sarbans Singh Battle Honours of the Indian Army (1757-1971) : Maj. Sarbans Singh : Vision Books : Book (ISBN: 8170941156)
Pages: 372
Price: Rs. 495
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 8170941156
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Published in 1993
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Battle Honours of the Indian Army

1757 - 1971

No book in existence deals fully with the battle honours of the Indian Army and with other related matters. The need for such a book was keenly felt and self-evident. And the need has at last been met.

The book starts with a brief account of the evolution of the Indian Army over the last 300 years beginning with the enrolment of ‘natives’ by the East India Company in 1683 for the protection of its factories. A section has been devoted to the now extinct Indian State Forces some of which were merged with the Indian Army after India attained Independence in 1947.

The author then juxtaposes the British Army system and goes on to explain in detail how the system of battle honours has developed in the Indian Army where it all started with a Trading Company, and not a Sovereign, awarding battle honours not only to the Cavalry and the Infantry but also the Artillery and the Sappers and Miners and the Crown adding Transport Corps of the Princely States for the awards.

Then follows a brief but balanced account of each honoured campaign and battle from Plassey (1757) to Poongli Bridge (1971) together with the original authority for award. The list of honoured units is given at the end of the text. Maps have been added to help the reader locate the battle and the relevant map number is given immediately before the text.

The author closes the magnum opus with offering food for thought on some important issues specially that of battle honours considered repugnant and no longer permitted to be emblazoned on Colours.

A comprehensive Index with all relevent cross references including maps completes the volume.

The book, the first of its kind by an Indian author has many unique features and is a veritable encyclopaedia in its scope. It contains all you ever wanted to, or need know about battle honours. It covers all the battle honours ever awarded to the Indian Army and the Indian State Forces from A (Abyssinia) to Z (Zojila) and from Pt 171 (North Africa, 1943) to Pt 18042 (Turtok 1971). An authoritative and definitive reference book which fills a gap in our military literature and a well-deserved and fitting tribute to the glorious Indian Army and its gallant men and women.

Maj. Sarbans Singh

Sarbans Singh, was born in 1928 at Peshawar, now in Pakistan, where his forefathers had accompanied the Khalsa Army of Maharaja Ranjit Singh more than a hundred years earlier. He studied at Peshawar and at the Forman Christian College, Lahore. His brilliant academic career was cut short by the partition of the sub-continent in 1947.

He was commissioned from the Indian Military Academy into the Regiment of Artillery in 1950. He qualified at the Defence Services Staff College, Wellington, in 1963 and thereafter served as Brigade Major of an Infantry Brigade in 101 Communication Zone Area. He was Secretary of the Battle Honours Committee before bidding a premature good bye to the Army in 1974

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